The Ultimate Road Map to getting a Brazilian Passport

The Brazilian Passport gives you Visa free access to almost all the countries a Canadian or US Passport can.All you need to know before embarking on the Journey.👇

With that said the Easiest way of getting a Brazilian Passport is to have a child there or get married to a citizen.But we’re going to talk about Citizenship by birth.
So this is it. The moment your child is born in Brazil you are entitled to a Brazilian Permanent residency and in one year a Passport.

If you’re going to go through this route you must be prepared.Know this right now the Brazilian Government is very lenient and there are not many restrictions stopping people (esp Nigerians) from going to Brazil and having children. But you don’t know how long it’s going to last.

So let’s get going
1. if you’re gong to have a child in Brazil. I will advice you to learn Portuguese, it’s important you learn the language even before you apply. Why? Well when you do get to Brazil that’s the official language. 

and it will give you an edge if you do intend to stay. Also you will still have to learn it because to obtain the passport as a parent of the child you need to pass a language test.

2. Research your city, now don’t just think you will get Visa and go to the country and just get to the country and deliver the baby easily.
You need to make sure you pick the right city to give birth because Cost of living varies from city to city and you don’t want a city with high living expenses as you will be staying for a while. 

Bigger Cities have more bureaucracy and as such it could take time to get the passport for your child, as well as Permanent residency for yourself.

3. Hospitals: You also have to decide the type of Hospital you want your child to be born in. The Public Hospitals in Brazil are free or very cheap and if you do give birth in those hospitals there are some pecks you get diapers, food 3 times daily till you leave the hospital.

Alternatively you could go for the Private Hospitals Which have better equipment and better care would be given to the child. I mean you want the best for your child right??So please go ahead and spend a little more.

You can find good private hospitals in cities like São Paulo even though this is a big city and one of the most expensive places to live. Other low cost cities but with good hospitals are Florianapolis, Nordeste.
The cost of Private Hospitals ranges from city to city and also from hospital to hospital. So please do your research. 

4 Finally, You need to prepare a budget for 6 months at the very least you will have to stay there for that amount of time so account for rent and various other bills that might come up especially with the area you want to stay.Now that we’ve done our home work. Apply for Visa 

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1 The best way to apply for visa is to apply for Tourist Visa. Which is why knowing the city is important.
You will need to show proof of hotel booking as well as flight booking.

2 Apply Early getting a Brazilian Visa might take as much as two months and you don’t want the baby bump to show as much as possible.

The Visa that is awarded is usually 3 months Visa which is valid for a year. This Visa can be extended when you get to Brazil for another 3 months.

For the full Visa Requirements please visit the website. 

3. when you get the passport leave between the 6-7 month so you can arrive Brazil settle down and then meet the doctors.You want to be settled well so there are no complications.Now we get into the important details. 

4. Now immediately the child is born apply for a Portuguese Language Birth Certificate, the Passports of both Parents, Proof of address and two witnesses.Then head over to the Cartorio (registry) you will get a national ID for the child and then you can apply for passport. 

Most people just spend the rest of the time chilling and eventually come home but we will take it a step further.Immediately the child’s documents are ready, apply for permanent residency, this is gotten at the station. 

A Brazilian Permanent residency takes about 2 months to get and truth be told, you’re probably in no hurry to leave the country so you can chill till then.When you get your Residency you can in fact stay in Brazil for as long as you like and work like any other citizen. 

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One year from the time you get your Permanent Residency you can apply for Citizenship by virtue of the fact that you’re a Parent of a Brazilian citizen.You will have to take a Portuguese language exam but that is all. 

Yes you will need a lawyer, and might also need someone to guide you or help as much as possible.

So I have written a book about the whole process and put all the necessary details and contacts you will need to make the Journey less confusing and much more easier. 

It is a step by step book, that explains the process in more detail.
The cheapest time to travel, an already researched city and contact details.

The book is 15000 and I will give a 20% discount to the first 30 people that purchase it. 

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PS: when you get the Citizenship all your other children get it too. All you just need is for one child to be born there! 

PPS: I already heard some Nigerians are taking advantage of this already and truth be told knowing us I don’t know what will happen in the future take advantage now.