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Telegram bot is a great feature that Telegram administrators will continue to exploit, Unlike running a group on Whatsapp.Which has a lot of limitations, Whatsapp groups have a limitation of 250 members as at the time of writing this article. Not only does whatsapp limit the number of members a group can contain, it doesn't allow the use of bots.

Telegram allows up to 200,000 members,persistent chat history,Adminstrator with different rights....E.t.c

Incase you are wondering why bots are essential, Here's why : Bots can be used to manage groups effectively. Like reduce spamming,promote and  demote users,Prevent flooding of group with messages,Ban users; spammers,annoyances or just trolls,set blacklist filters to take automatic action when people say certain things,.......and other features are endless as there are many bot out there doing alot of different things.

Telegram bot

But the one i use for my Telegram group is @missrose_bot . The best part of this bot is that it is  under active development and constantly getting new and exciting features! Plus, It is available in several languages!.And just in case bot is a short form of ROBOT So down to business

Steps In adding @missrose_bot to Telegram group

  1. Make sure the group type is set to public.Without setting group type to public, @missrose_bot cant function well. Also avoid making the mistake of creating a channel instead of group. I made this same mistake when i was trying to start out with bot's, which is what prompted me to write this article. to save you the same mistake.Bot's don't work on Telegram.
  2. Add @missrose_bot to the group. To dot this : Click on the header of the group. Below click the Add member and search for @missrose_bot, add her to the group. Note : @missrose_bot gives  option to add her to groups in her welcome message. I advice you use that.Telegram header
  3. While still at  the header click the edit button above. Choose administrator button.Telegram Group
  4. Add @missrose_bot as admin and give her all necessary permissions( This is already done by telegram at default ). You can also give her a custom title in a field provided below. Click the tick button above to save settingsTelegram admin rights

 How to use some features of @missrose_bot Telegram bot

Media Locks(lock)

The locks module allows you to lock away some common items in the telegram world; the bot will automatically delete them!. Do stickers annoy you? or want to avoid people sharing links? or pictures? You're in the right place!

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@missrose_bot will delete some set of media if sent by users depending on your configuration. Some medias  that can be locked includes but is not limited to all
- audio, bot, button, command, contact, document,email,forward,game,  gif, phone, photo, rtl(Right to left language), sticker, url(Links), video,video note,voice....e.t.c

Available commands are:
 - /lock : lock the usage of "item". Now, only admins will be able to use this type!
 - /unlock : unlock "item". Everyone can use them again.
 - /locks: list the lock status in the chat.
 - /lockwarns : whether or not warn users sending locked messages.
 - /locktypes: gets a list of all things that can be locked. (have a look at this!)
 - /whitelist : Add this url to the whitelist - it won't get deleted on url locking. Can be used to add multiple links. If no arguments are given, returns current list.
 - /rmwhitelist : Remove this url from the whitelist - url locking will take effect on it again. Can be used to remove multiple urls.

eg: lock stickers with:
/lock sticker

Top tip: you can lock/unlock multiple things at once by chaining the types. eg:
/lock sticker url bot gif

Pin Messages on Telegram

Pinned messages are used to keep your chat up to date on the latest news.The message will always be pinned below the header for user to see. On clicking the pinned message, Telegram takes them back to the message for them to read. This should be used for very important notice.

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This is an example of pinned message ðŸ‘‡ðŸ¾ðŸ‘‡ðŸ¾ðŸ‘‡ðŸ¾ðŸ‘‡ðŸ¾ðŸ‘‡ðŸ¾

Telegram bot

Available commands are:
 - /pin: pin the message you replied to; add 'loud' or 'notify' to send a notification to group members.
 - /permapin : Pin a custom message via the bot. This message can contain markdown, and can be used in replies to media to include extra buttons and captions.
 - /unpin: Unpin the currently pinned message.

Anti Flood(Prevent users from sending more than X message in a row)

Antiflood allows you to take action on users that send more than x messages in a row. Actions are: ban/kick/mute/tban/tmute.You know how sometimes, people join, send 100 messages, and ruin your chat? With antiflood, that happens no more!

Available commands are:
 - /flood: gets the current antiflood settings.
 - /setflood: sets the number of messages at which to take action on a user.
 - /setfloodmode : choose which action to take on a user that has been flooding. Options: ban/kick/mute/tban/tmute

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Author : Kekeocha Justin

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