How to increase your productivity,smash your goals, and achieve more than you ever imagined

Do you want to  increase your productivity,smash your goals, and achieve more than you ever imagined ?Then listen I mean pay rapt attention to Benjamin Franklin. And don't just pay attention to him, take his advice.

Ben is the face of the American $100 noteBenjamin franklin

He alone was a writer, publisher, author, printer, scientist, inventor, activist and diplomat. He achieved so much, founded several civil societies, created several science inventions, wrote and published many papers and ran several businesses. His life was a complete expression of focus, discipline and grit. He was one of the founding fathers of America.

I know You are asking how this concerns you and how it can help you achieve your goals. I'll tell you in a moment, after I share this story I read about him: 

When Ben was 21, he started a printing business in Philadelphia. He had learnt this business under his brother and fell in love with it. His business was struggling at the time and he was thinking of ways to boost it.

This led him to start a 'Junto group.' The Junto group was like a club for mutual improvement of all members. The purpose was to debate critical questions around morals, politics, philosophy and, most importantly, to exchange knowledge and business ideas.

They were to share with a desire to improve themselves, their business and their society. So everyone was to study and read books to contribute to the club community. But books were expensive back in the day, So Ben started a library where books were bought and shared among the members.

This sharing of knowledge and insight helped him to become a popular and prominent printer in Philadelphia. He was such a pragmatic and proactive entrepreneur.

Now back to you.

You will agree that as a business person, habits like procrastination, laziness, pessimism and lack of focus are enemies you don't want to have But these same enemies face you daily.

How many times have you set goals that you never achieved? Remember your new year resolutions? How far?

See, the major life lesson we learn from observing Benjamin Franklin's life is that he had an insane 'work ethic.' And this enabled him achieve so much in his life time. Developing an insane work ethic will not only make your highly productive, but will also help you

- Smash your goals

- Develop incredible confidence in yourself


- Face everyday with renewed energy and hunger. 


How did Benjamin do this and how can you do same?

1. Understand that time waits for no man.

He once said:  “You may delay, but time will not.”

How you use your time is enough to tell if you will achieve your goals or not. Time is always in motion. Are you? 

2. Action will always beat intention or words.

One of his quotes that captures this is:  “Well done is better than well said.”

Some of us talk too much about what we will do but never get around to doing it. Words won't bring the results, doing it will. Get to work. 

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3. Kill procrastination before it kills you.

Procrastination eventually becomes a habit that shows up now and again. It could be a sign of laziness, or carelessness, or insecurity. You must fight it.

Or like he says: “Never leave that till tomorrow which you can do today" 

4. Be Energetic, motivated and consistent.

When your heart is not in what you do, you will not find the courage to pursue. If you don't have a strong 'why' manufacture one! You have to be consistent to smash goals.

Hear him:  “Energy and persistence conquer all things.” 

Having said all that, two key things that helped Benjamin were:

- A daily routine


- The accountability group (The Junta)

And today, I am opening the doors to an accountability group do a 2 weeks challenge and I am inviting you to partake of it. I have strategically called it the KAIROS challenge.

The ultimate Goal of the kairos challenge is to help you understand that EVERY SECOND of your life carries with it an opportunity that can change your life.

You only need to use it. 

The results you should see at the end of the 2 weeks are:

1. You should completely fight off procrastination

2. Develop an insane work ethic

3. Generate enough energy and passion to pursue your ideas and dreams with renewed vigour and fire. 

There will be exchange of ideas and deep teachings to help you

- Unlock your genius,
- To difficult work with excitement
- Ultimately smash your goals to pieces.

This group is not open to everyone.

If you are: Unserious, Unambitious, Pessimistic...This isn't for you 

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But if you are hungry to beat procrastination, set and smash goals and develop an attitude that drives away lazy demons from you and attracts valuable friendships, then tho is for you. 

How can you participate? Join the group via the link below.Note that there is a commitment fee of N2,000. Details will be in the group.

Here is your link
The Kairos Challenge


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Author : Kekeocha Justin