7 Easy Ways to Manage Your Time

1. Stop multitasking
2. Create deadlines
3. Dump your phone
4. Work in intervals
5. Organize your workspace
6. Breakdown into steps
7. Get started

Time management

1. Stop Multitasking

If you think you can multitask and still be productive.You are wrong, i don't want to go into Neuroanatomy😀. But the human brain cannot perform two tasks that require high-level brain function at once. Multitasking is a myth. Low-level functions like breathing and pumping blood aren't considered in multitasking. Only the tasks you have to "think" about are considered. 

Do one task at a time, and you'll find that more time to get stuff done. 

2. Create deadlines

This is important, You've heard it before, we fill our time with the work that we have. So if we have 1 month to get something done it will take us 1 month, if we have 2 days to get the same work done, it'll take 2 days.

Take advantage of this 

3. Dump your phone

Honestly, as I was writing this article I had to put my phone away. Because I got distracted by a DM!

It doesn't matter who you are what you have going on. Your phone can wait. Put it away. Turn it off, you will be 10x more productive.

Thank me later... 

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4. Work in intervals

This kinda works with #2 but working in 60-90 minute intervals will help you better manage your time. If you work on something for 4 hours straight you will not be able to focus and will easily get distracted

I work by 90 mins and take 30 mins to refocus 

5. Organize your workspace

Let's say you own a brick and mortar business and your office is cluttered with paperwork. If you can't find the binder or folder of a client or phone numbers you are going to waste a bunch of time searching.

If you're organized you waste less time. 

6. Breakdown into steps

I was writing a book

If I tried to write it start to finish all at once it would've taken forever and been sloppy. I broke it down into chapters and finished it BEFORE my deadline I.e. It's easier to do 10 sets of 10 pushups than 100 straight.

Consistency pays of in the long run rather than intensity.

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7. Get Started

When I first started my journey this was my greatest time management struggle. I would analyze everything and try to map it all out before doing anything.So much time is wasted by thinking about what needs to be done instead of just doing it.


Have a great Week 💪

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Author : Kekeocha Justin