How to Never Run out of Content Ideas

Dear Content Creator, here’s a lay guide to “How to Never Run out of Content Ideas.”

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1. Determine your target audience

Don’t overthink this. Basically ask yourself: who do I want to attract? Who do I want to reach out to? What kind of people do I want to have hanging around my page, my DMs and comment sections? What does my ideal audience look like?

If you think you don’t have a niche, it’s ‘cause you’re overthinkin it. When you walk into a a party, you know the people u want to sit with once u step in. Apply the same logic. Early stages of your journey, it should work fine. After u’ve decided on your target audience...

2. Find out their problems/frustrations

Say you want to attract university students for example, put yourself in their shoes, or even interview some. What’s a student worried about when they wake up in the morning? Make a loooooong and exhaustive list.

If you’re a university student, even better! When you haven’t found a niche, it’s wise to start with trying to attract people like you. That way you don’t struggle to be authentic. Joo get? Now, after you’ve outlined problems...

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3. Find a bridge

The question to ask here is: where do your personal goals align with your audience’s journey? For some reason, it’s easier to get a person’s attention when you talk about a problem they have.

People don’t really give a monkey’s butt about you. They care about themselves and their problems. So find their pain points, figure out the areas where you can be balm and build stories (create content) around the solutions.Every problem = content idea.

P.S: A solution isn’t always in the form of a remedy. Sometimes it can be in the form of empathy, community or education. The idea is for your audience to feel seen, valued and helped in some way. For example, @cowrywise is an automated savings platform. Members of their audience may have financial problems. They won’t solve it by running a mass giveaway. Rather they’ll educate their audience for free about finances. Is this getting clearer?

4. Take the pressure off

First of all, relax. Create because you can, not because you must. Create because you get to, not because you have to. Alright? Your content is not for everyone. It might take some time to figure out who it’s for but you’re determined to enjoy where you are on the way to where you’re going, okay?

Breathe. It may not be easy but it can be fun. Sometimes it takes a little wandering to find your footing. You have the right to suck.

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5. Leverage your current lifestyle

If you’re wandering what to post about, create content around the things you already spend the majority of your time and money on. You’d be surprised how interesting your regular life is when you decide to make a story out of each day.

When you think about is as creation, then it sounds daunting. Think of it as “documenting.” If you eat out a lot, take photos of your food, talk about your experience and leave a review. If you like to dress up, take photos. Leverage your drip.

If you’re the type to work out a lot... I could go on, but you get the point by now. Get used to taking out your phone to document the beauty that is your life. You’re not vain, you’re building something, using what you have.

6. Ask your audience

Ask your people what they want to see. Use captions, tweets and polls. The question box on instagram stories comes in very handy. Bonus tip tho: Don’t just ask “what kind of content would you like to see from me?”

It might be better to ask “would u like to see more of this, that or those?” When u give options, it’s easier on the brain. When u give homework, most people will just scroll and move on with their day. Take the mental laziness of humans into account. Issa survey, not exam, dear. 

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7. Use Reddit and Quora

These are two underutilized platforms that content creators can greatly leverage. Pinterest is cool but have you met Quora, bruh? I won’t go into detail — go Google it.

Go on these platforms and search terms related to your niche or interests — you’ll find frequently asked questions and valuable conversations between amateurs, enthusiasts & professionals in your field. You’ll mostly likely get addicted but it will be better for you than on Instagram or twitter addiction so you’re good.

8. Listen, learn, tweak, listen again

The way to get people to listen to you is to listen to them. Give the people what they want. It’s your story and it’s your life, but you’re not the end consumer so after you’ve had fun creating and sharing you need to monitor and evaluate the performance of your different posts based on audience feedback.

What did people react to the most? Which ones got saved or shared most? These are pointers to what people want to see and hear from you. Double down on it and giddem!


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Author : Kekeocha Justin