6 Mistakes Hurting Your Instagram Ads

Read this carefully if you've ever run ads on Instagram to make sales but got only likes and comments. Here are six mistakes hurting your Instagram ads:â €

Instagram ad

Running your ads directly from instagram

(not always bad though)â €

Do not always click the promote button on Instagram if you want complete control over your ads. â €

Although it is possible to create very successful ads directly from the Instagram app, you should use Facebook Ads Manager. if you want to create very powerful ad campaigns.⁣ You can always create successful from Instagram direct when you know really what you're doing. ⠀

Using the wrong campaign objective

Using a campaign objective that doesn't align with your campaign goal (e.g sales, etc) would result in a very unsuccessful ad campaign.

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In my opinion, small business owners without a website should stick with the MESSAGES objective. With that, you'll get messages (and not just likes) from people interested in your offer. Stop choosing Profile Visits when running ads to sell, always go for Direct Messages. â €

Targeting the wrong people

Detailed targeting is key. This is where having a client avatar or buyer persona is very handy and crucial. No matter how perfect your ad is, if you show it to the wrong audience, it would fail.

It's like trying to sell dog food to people that do not have dogs. Do your research.â €

Using bad ad copy and design

The average attention span of a human today is well below 10 seconds. Your ad image or video needs to make people stop scrolling and pause to read your ad copy. Your ad copy need to be written in the style and language your target audience understands.⠀⠀

Weak call to action or offer

This is where most campaigns lose it. Your ad campaign needs an irresistible offer & call to action, else people would just view your ad, read your copy & continue scrolling.

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You need to make your prospects an offer too good they can't resist and you need to tell them how you want them to respond to your ad (e.g Send a Message or call to book an appointment, etc).⁣⠀

 Bad Ad Image

As a Nigerian marketer, your ad image does most of the work after your ad copy. People don't necessarily read your ad copy most of the times, the image is what first draws the second attention after your headline.

To sell to a Nigerian market, you need to include certain elements in your ad image.

Such as a clear HD picture, a picture of the product, price of the product, important and short facts about the product, and at least a phone number. Nigerians are very skeptical with anything online, adding a phone number to the ad image takes away some sort of fear from their minds.


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Updated on 9:50-am May 31, 2023