How to Apply for A Scholarship and ways to spot scholarship scam

1. Research

Check for as many scholarships as possible. Do not put all your eggs in one basket.

2. Read the Instructions

Carefully go through the instructions provided by each scholarship. Take note of all the terms and conditions that apply. Make sure you meet all the necessary requirements.

3. Are you eligible?

Check if you meet the scholarship requirements so that you can begin your application on time.

4. Consider the Sponsors objectives/ Core values?

What are they looking for in a candidate? What does the organization stand for? What is the purpose of the scholarship? Understanding these things will aid your application.

5. Plan

You should arrange your documents and set specific timelines for writing and research for your essays.

6. Fill out your application form properly

Do not leave out any information. Be honest, in your essays and make sure they stand out.

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7. Proof-Reading

Avoid mistakes. Get a family member/friend or an academic to read through your essay for spelling errors and illegible writing.

8. Answer Questions Correctly

If you are filling a certain section, make sure you are answering the question asked. In other words, Read and answer sensibly.

9. References

Most scholarships request for references. Use the appropriate referees according to the specifications of the scholarship. NB: The referee you choose is very important.

10. Avoid a sounding too pitiful

Stay away from throwing a ‘Pity Party Pitch’. Applicants need to express the reason for financial support from the organization however, it is not in your interest to tell a sob story because many applicants will be doing the same. Rather, be truthful and not ‘emoshiona’(emotional).

Discuss how despite the existing challenges you are striving for a brighter future. Then include the ways in which the scholarship will help you achieve this.

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11. Stick to deadlines

Plan to submit your application latest two weeks before the application is closed.

Ways to spot scholarship scam

1. If the offer is unrealistic a .k .a too good to be true 🚩
2. Easy application 🚩
3. Pay to apply 🚩
4. If the scholarship is ‘guaranteed’ it is a 🚩
5. If you received it as a SPAM email 🚩


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Author : Kekeocha Justin