Short POST UME passing tips


Every student desires for to score high in his/her POST UME. if you have ever written  POST UME more than once, you will be tempted to believe that those who got it right the first time were lucky. But luck has little to do with passing any exam. it is said that he who fails to plan, plans to fails. But reading this posts show you have no plans to fail.

Although, in actual fact, some certain study patterns might work for some and not work for others because we differ as humans.

However, in spite of the differences, we do have our similarities as well and so in general, attempting certain things when we are studying for an examination will definitely be counter-productive.

Say No To Procrastination

Later things… This is the language of procrastinators. They always think there is time. My dear, do whatever you need to do now. Time is an asset and not a handset.

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The later you always say doesn’t come as expected. Learn to live your life with a sense of urgency. Have the mentality, “I am behind schedule…”. Your POST UME  is not far. Say no to procrastination.

Most students, unfortunately, study days into the examination and become anxious because there is so little time with so much to cover.

And to make up for the time lost, it is not surprising that you will start resorting to different tricks to catch up with all you have to read, thereby putting your brain on pressure.

While this is understandable, these tricks are better avoided if you are studying for an examination 

 Developing a positive attitude toward your POST UME irrespective of your Jamb score is very critical in Acing your forth coming exams. Always strive to pass POST UME  irrespective of what you think you scored in Jamb.

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POST UME is a very important factor that determines who gains admission. Even if you scored low in Jamb, you still have a golden opportunity to study your desired course at the University.

 A very high POST UME score can help boost your Jamb result. 

One of the greatest mistakes candidates make in POST UME is thinking that their high Jamb score is enough. Don’t be deceived….. no matter how high your Jamb score may be, a low post utme score will disgrace it. Be warned!

Poor eating habit: There is a tendency to eat unhealthily when studying for an examination because of stress or because we are in a studying spree that we forget to eat or we grab the closest junk because we cannot make out the time to get healthy food. But the truth is why these can be understandable excuses, it is counter-productive. You miss eating actual food because you want to make that time to study but medical research makes it clear that the food we eat has an impact on our overall well-being, including how our brain functions. Surviving on surgery, caffeinated and greasy foods during examinations might just affect your health, how productive or your retention. If you need to snack, stock healthy snacks like fruits or vegetables and take a few minutes to eat well-balanced meals, it will help you actually do better.

 Revive Your Reading Appetite

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It is normal for you to lose reading appetite after reading to pass Jamb plus the circumstances that follow Jamb utme.

But since there is no excuse for failure, then you need to stop anything that has the potential to stop your success. You can always revive your dying appetite for reading. Read to pass POST UME 

All-nighters, marathon reading and cramming: Our brain is an essential part of our body and so, it needs rest. Most times, students fall into the temptation of pulling all-nighters and over-loading the brain. This is why it is advisable to start studying long before exams. Spacing your studying hours over three days is more efficient than cramping all those hours into a day.

Even if you have missed a considerable amount of time that you should have used studying, overloading your brain is not going to help you, especially if you spend all those hours cramming. Read what you can – at a reasonable pace – to understand. The risk of doing the opposite is that you will likely not remember anything you crammed and be completely blank in the exam hall when you could have at least been able to write the little you got from studying.

Sleep is as important as studying when you are preparing for exams. Don’t slack when studying but also allow your brain to rest; find a balance.

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Avoid Distractions
Always try and get rid of meaningless distractions that come in between your studies. Always keep your goal in mind and work accordingly as it saves your precious time. Do not spend much time on social media.
Do not spend all your time on social media , by doing that, it will help you concentrate more on your studies.

On the exam day,arrive early to your Post-UME exam center. Make sure you locate your exam center before the day of the exam so you don't spend time looking for the center on the morning of the exam.Take along only those things that are necessary. If you know you don't need your phone for the exam, don't go along with it. There have been cases of mobile phones being seized or stolen from the owners at the exam venue. 

Except it is a tutorial or a study group session, studying with friends can be distracting and therefore, not advisable. A study group is even more effective when you have all studied ahead and sharing ideas on what you have earlier studied;  it is not a good idea when you have not studied at all. You and your friends are likely to have things to talk about constantly and while you do love them, take time from them when you need to study. Social media is another distraction you need to flee from when studying for exams. If you can, keep your phone away or switch off your internet connection or uninstall certain apps until after your exams.

Stressing and over-thinking: This will probably not come easy but try as much as you can to avoid stressing and over-thinking. You should study to the best of your ability and take a deep breath. The truth is that stressing will not increase your ability to retain and remember all you read. It will, instead, increase your anxiety and prevent you from giving your best.

For most of these to work perfectly, try to avoid procrastination and read long before exams. Consistent reading over time is more effective than marathon reading few days to the examination.

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Being too comfortable: If you don’t want your comfortable body to send a message to your brain that you are ready to sleep, you shouldn’t be too comfortable when you are studying. You will likely achieve more if you are seated or studying with a desk. This does not mean that you should take up an uncomfortable posture but that you should make sure you are not all cuddled up underneath a blanket on a bed or couch and expecting not to sleep off.

 Take extra stationery along - pencils, erasers, Calculator etc.Most schools will not allow their aspirants to enter the hall with Calculators.To be sure,older  students of the instituiton should be consulted.But their is no harm in putting a calculator in your back(besides it is nt a gun),Just incase you are allowed to. Faster and accurate is better.

Dressing comfortably and smart show a lot of confidence and can attract help if need be.You dont want to provoke ur examiners with your dressing.Do not make any noise when in the exam hall. If you constitute yourself as a nuisance, you may incur the wrath of your invigilator, and this would not be good for you as it can lead to your result being seized.  Do not waste too much time on a particular question, you can skip it and later come back to it after you've answered the recognizable ones. 

I hope to see you at the top. Do you have any other tips you want to add ? Leave them in the comments section below

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Updated on 4:11-pm May 29, 2023