How fashion designers can sell more

The fashion industry is a multi-billion-dollar industry that most people in it still struggled because they use the outdated method of marketing without picking a nitch in their field.

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You hear most fashion students tell you, I've learned this and this and that and that and they keep learning without thinking about picking a niche to focus and master.

Now, imagine if what you make as a fashion designer is just creative tops for ladies. (Don't blame me, I don't know their names) or just belly-top skirts.

Or you make Ankara trousers and shorts for men? No you don't make everything, no you don't make Agbada, no you don't make suits and shirts, no you just make only one thing and that's one of those listed above.

You charge just 3k for one pair and it takes you just 2 hours or less to make one. Let's say you make 5 daily. That's 15k, I know you can actually do more but let's start with this.

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With that, you can target young girls or guys between the age of 18 to 28 (that's really broad but still ok). Now ask yourself where can I find this group? On Instagram, they are also in schools so a nearby campus can be your target.

They attend most advanced churches too, they hangout at major event centers during the weekend, and they attend weddings a lot. Go there and show them what you can do by networking with them.

Imagine someone walking up to you and instead of telling you they are general fashion designers, they tell you that "i make belly-top skirts for ladies or I make Ankara trousers for men" How would you feel?

Two things will come to your mind, one, this person knows what they do, and two, they are professionals since they do just this. General competition in your business will be completely eliminated.

Creating a nitch around your brand saves you money, time and energy. It makes marketing easier for you while customer retention and lead generation become and endless possibility.

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Helping business and brands sell more is what I do. Why not join my list of growing clients and be happy? Saving you time and money. The earlier you start the better for your bank accounts.

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Author : Kekeocha Justin

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