How to create your first online business

Want to make money online?Let me explain how millions of people do and how you can do... in the next 30 days!

1) Pick your market: Pick the one you are best at.Find your sub market: I'm in wealth, and my sub market is online business.Pick your niche 

2) Health > Fitness > Keto Diet
Now you have a positioning in the market.Let's get the purpose right. You have to sell to people. So whatever you do, focus on selling.Don't spend days on your logo, or name. 

3) How Not To Sell?

are two rules when it comes to selling.
#1 Don't offer an improvement, offer a new opportunity.

Hillary Clinton said "Together, Stronger"
Donald Trump said "Make America Great Again"

Guess who won?
#2 Don't be mainstream or crazy
Selling a diet plan? You can't sell:

1) Get carbs and proteins right (Mainstream, boring)

2) Get all your vitamins from the sun only (Crazy, end up in jail)

Find the balance in between. 

4) How To Sell?Get something in between.Keto diets, intermittent fasting.These are both in between and offer a new opportunity.

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5) Whom To Sell To?A good idea doesn't mean it will sell well.

#1 People should be willing to pay.
#2 People should afford it, or be able to pay.

Selling Fort nite 1 on 1 coaching? Cool idea..

Are 14 year old kids willing to pay you?
Or do they even have credit cards to pay? 

6) These are all the basics to generate an idea.Once you have an idea, you will look for ways to MARKET it. And that's another story. Get your idea first.Real Estate>Flipping Houses>Flipping Houses On Ebay
Target People: Estate Agents.Simple as this. 

7) Persuasion.

“People will do anything for those who encourage their dreams, justify their failures, allay their fears, confirm their suspicions, and help them throw rocks at their enemies." -Blair Warren.
Never forget this sentence, we will use it later. 

8) Create an attractive character and connect people with him.

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Look at any historical story that changed the world and you will see a charismatic leader. 

10) Don't appear perfect.

Your attractive character has to have some "flaws". If people see you as a perfect person, they can't connect with you. 

11) Master storytelling.

This is the most important part. Persuasion starts there.
Tell your story, your path and your transformation, and sell how they can too.



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Author : Kekeocha Justin