How to get the Job you deserve, without a CV and a Cover letter

So you're qualified for the job but they won't give it to you?Applied severally, yet, no response? Now this is How to Quickly get the Job you deserve, without a CV, a Cover letter or any of that standard nonsense you've been to told you need.I'll try to keep this short.

The most important thing you need to realize about getting a job --even in Nigeria-- is this: Companies are not really interested in you, they don't care about your career goals, or your hobbies, or the school you graduated from or your mothers maiden name etc..If they’re not interested in you, what are they interested in?

I’ll tell you:Like all human beings,They’re interested in themselves.And the number one thing they want to know is:"Can this person solve my/our business problems?”

And the truth is,If you've got the skill they need,and you can prove--to the decision maker(s)--that you're the guy who can solve their pressing problems, then you're most likely going to get the job

So how do you go about it?Especially without a CV or a Cover letter?

Read on... 

Everyone's submitting CVs and cover letters -- taking same route wont help you at all

The tips:

1. Study everything about the company you want to work for

2. Study everything about the manager/owner of the company --including their social media/LinkedIn profile, collect emails 

3. Find out the company's greatest asset/weakness

3b. Find out how they can do better than the competition

4. Find out the skills most relevant to the success of the company

5. Learn the most important one... If you don't have the skills already

What's next?

It's simple: You have their email + you're following them on Social Media right?Good

Now, write a personalized Email/DM-pitch to the owner or the manager. Don't use formal lingo.Don't write/talk like you need a job. Write from a position of authority/confidence

Here's a template: 

{Dear "Mr Blank XYZ"}


I finished a background check of your company profile

I made some interesting discoveries

And in the next 8 mins

I'm going to explain how you can take your company from where it is now, to where you want it to be in 2020

Here's what I mean: 

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The onus is on you to...

State the weaknesses/challenges of his company.
Explain that you understand their pain-points
State how you can provide quick, effective solutions
Ask for a meeting or a phone call --not an interview


Do this with 2-3 companies per week .What you'll notice is,There's a difference between submitting CVs/Cover-Letters and  Writing a personalized message that sells your potential boss on why his company needs you.One is generic and ineffective.The other is more tactful and usually gets you the job. 

The above tips can also be applied in getting an Internship Placement in a major company without knowing anybody there


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Author : Kekeocha Justin