How to attract your ideal clients

You know the feeling of frustration that comes from having to be approached by people who either never have the money to pay for your offer, or simply price your product like you are mama Iyabo selling tomatoes? 

It's frustrating and it can kill business.What you want is that perfect client who walks in, doesn't question your value, appreciates your quality, the results you bring and swipes their card without hassles.

But how do you attract them?In this thread, I'll show you how to do just that.

In today's thread, I'll be showing you

Before we do that, what is an ideal client profile?

It is simply a system for creating an identity for your dream client. It is a model or prototype for creating a personality for your perfect customer.Roughly about a year ago, I met someone who had become an amazing friend of mine.

Richard (I call him Rich Rich) grew up in good old Texas. His father had an animal farm and he learnt to tend to their horses.This inspired a desire to be a medical practitioner.

He eventually started a Chiropractic practice. Although Richard grew up in Texas, he loved and preferred a city life, and so he chose to establish his practice in New York.

For clarity, picture New York like Lagos.It has a bustling and energetic life to it. And yes, it is stressful.

But Richard knew that he would build a successful practice there.I met Richard just after having his first child. He was 48 and looking to expand his business.He was earning $10,000 monthly but he suddenly realized the need to expand.

Richard was daring and uncommonly curios. He loved quality and was always looking for ways to improve his practice.I've been with Rich Rich for a while now and we stay in touch.The only little 'thingy' thing about this is that Richard is actually not a real person.He is my ideal customer profile!

You get the point?I am guessing you though I was talking about a real person, yeah?Now that's how a client will feel when I write my marketing material or copy or put out content for them. It will feel like I am talking directly to them and pinching their needs.Identifying your ideal client helps you attract them.

This is very important, regardless of what you sell, whether you are into really estate, ecommerce, consulting, coaching or any other business path.That said, let's work together to get you your ideal client profile.

What you really need to know is that you need to answer some basic questions about your dream client.These questions focus on 2 areas:

1. Personal profile

2. Interests and desires. 

1. For the personal profile you need to decide- Where does my dream client live?Lagos? Abuja? Uyo?You know well that life in Lagos is different from life in Abuja. Lagosians think and act in 'traffic mode!'. Everyone is in a hurry. Even while sleeping at home, their minds are in transit.Understanding this will help you tailor your message to their experience.

- what is his/her name?

You have to think of your dream client as a person and not just a money machine. What is their name? sex?Are they married? With kids? How many? 

- Where do they work?do they run their own business?

- How much do they make monthly? Yearly?

2. Their interests answer:

- What are their goals?
Make more money or build their ego? Become better than others?

- What shows do they watch.

This is so important. Do they watch Big Brother Naija?Then there is a particular language that will appeal to them. Are they Tacha stans?Identify their favourite programs. Go check the companies advertising on those programs.

Those companies the budget to carry out research into your client's behaviour. This will show you the language your cream clients speak.All this will help you create your ideal client.

However, sometimes it may be difficult for some of us still to create out ICP with this.There is another method which works I call this the third party method.It's simple.The way it works is this:Imagine you had a chat with the friend, spouse (if any) and colleague or staff of your ideal client, what would they say to you?

How does your ideal client's friends describe him? For instance,Richard's friend describes him as energetic, fun and outgoing.Richard's wife describes him as loving, playful and a perfect gentleman.Richard's workers describe him as thoughtful and meticulous

Looking at your dream client through the eyes of their connections. Help to remove the mental pressure.So there you have it.Having your ideal client will help you as you grow your business.And will make you stop attracting cheapskates you undervalue you.

Feel free to drop any question you have in the comments and I'll answer you. 

PS- this post is an excerpt from my course Tweet & Grow Rich: How to make money walking the streets of Twitter.

It will show deep things you probably haven't considered before.An exciting part is where it talks about how to create evangelists for your brand on twitter. 


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Author : Kekeocha Justin