Which sins can't be forgiven by the priest? 

priest at confessionalFour are the sins that canon law stipulates that whose absolution must be authorized by the Bishop, and even by the Holy See.

First: "The sin of the desecration of the most holy altar sacrament." This refers to the desecration of the species (hosts and consecrated wine) of the Eucharist by stealing them or keeping them for some sacrilegious purpose.

Second: "Attack on the Supreme Pontiff, a physical, violent attack."

Third: "Violation of the sacramental stealth. That is, no priest can, in any way, say what he has been told in confession, rummage, insinuate, or speak it."

Fourth: Absolution of the person with whom a priest has sinned against the sixth commandment, which commands not to commit impure acts with either men or women. "The priest cannot absolve the accomplice with whom he did that."

This refers to the fact that if a priest has sex with a man or a woman and then confesses to the person with whom he sinned and acquits him of that sin, the priest is, in turn, in sin and could only be forgiven. for the Pope

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Fifth was abortion, which has been excluded from the list and, as Pope Francis established, the person who confesses to a priest this sin can be "acquitted in the name of Jesus through the sacrament of confession and repentance. "said Tejada.

Henceforth, and by decision of the Holy See, "depending on each Episcopal Conference, all priests may forgive abortion, with a delegation of bishops from each diocese."

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