How to build a profitable online business in as little time as possible

Have you ever considered how some people are able to start an online business and start making profits in as little as 30 days? A new year is around the corner, and if you’ve ever wanted to learn how to build an online business, this is the best time to start.

Over the next 7 days, I’ll be walking you through the important steps I’ve learnt from an amazing program that you can use to build an online business, even if you have NO money, NO certification and NO experience!

No, you don’t have to join any network or anything like that.I haven’t shared this anywhere before now.So let’s begin.

The first and most important thing you need to starting and growing your online business is having the right MINDSET. Yes, having the right mindset cannot be overemphasised. Just like I learned from this amazing program, you have to believe that it is possible if you ever hope to achieve success in it.

Here’s the thing: 

Most people try to start an online business with the wrong mindset. They look at all the other successful businesses and think to themselves, “what that person is doing is so easy! I can start doing it and make money as well in a short time”. The reality is that it goes beyond just having a business.

You need to be ready and prepared for the ups and downs that will come. Just like every business, running an online business has its rough sides. So if anyone ever tries to tell you about an online business that has no difficult parts, please RUN.

There is no such thing out there. The difficult part exists so that only the consistent will succeed, and to make sure that those who want to “get rich quick” will continue to. So when you face the difficulties, your mindset is the only thing that will help you overcome it. Still on mindset, this program taught me that building a profitable online business is all about NUMBERS!

I never understood how important this is when it comes to making money. To make a million, you have to:
Sell something worth 100k to 10 people.


Sell something worth 50k to 20 people.


Sell something worth 30k to 34 people.
This is the part that everyone knows. But what this program shows you (and that other people won’t tell you) is the number of people you have to reach in order to sell and make 1million.

To find 10 people that you can sell something of 100k to, you have to reach out to over 300 people.

To find 20 people that you can sell something of 50k to, you have to reach out to over 600 people. 

To find 34 people that you can sell something of 30k to, you have to reach out to over 1000 people.

This makes it a lot easier on your brain because before now, I would reach only 100 people and wonder why I wasn’t making any money. 

So now the question is, how do you choose the people you want to sell to?
Where do you find these people?

What do you sell to them? And more important, how do you convince them to buy from you?

PS. Here's the name of this amazing program to you all.

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