How to reduce expenses

How to reduce expenses

Your expenses will always rise to meet your income - Parkinson's law.

When you were earning 100k per month, it felt like you were earning so much. You survived.

Now you are earning 1 million a month and it feels like the money isn't even enough.

You don't know how and why. 

Here's what's happening:

The strongest force in the lives of human is the force of desire!

It underlies everything we do.

A desire is like a tensive force.

What happens when you stretch a rubber band?

It'll expand. 

The more force you apply, the more it stretches till it reaches a breaking point and snaps.

But you notice that as you stretch the band, it is also trying to resist you and return back to its previous state of rest, right?

That is the same with human desire 

A human desire is like a tensive force, pulling at the heart and emotion of a person.

This desire forces the person to try to do anything possible to satisfy that want (in other words, remove that stretching force so it can relax) 

An example is sex.

When a person is consumed by the desire for sex, such person becomes so restless and unsettled.

At that point, some people can practically lose their senses and go out of their way to do what they know they shouldn't, just so that desire is satisfied. 

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The moment that persons gets the sex, that desire, the tensive force has been released and band relaxes. The world returns to normal.

The person will even begin to wonder why they even felt such a heavy urge initially.

Some even regret the sexual activity afterwards. 

How does this connect with Parkinson's law?

Simple, there is nothing more empowering than the thought that you can satisfy your desires at will.

When you are at 100k/month, you have desires for some things, but because you know you can't afford them, you ignore them. 

The desire is there, but the capacity isn't.

But the moment you hit 1m/month, the desire is there and also the capacity to satisfy it.

It is a glorious place to be in, and yet a terrible place as well.

You need an extra ounce of discipline to deny yourself of those desires 

even when you have the capacity to satisfy it.

This sounds simple, but it is actually profound.

Check your expenses, you'll realize there are some cravings that you satisfy simply because you now have the capacity. And those cravings are digging a hole in your purse. 

Should we not enjoy life?

Far from it. Life is meant to be lived.

But if you are building wealth and growing an empire, some desires just have to stay unsatisfied till a certain time.

I hope this sheds light on your path.

It's a brand new day.

Live it, love it.🤗

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