Using Facebook Pixels to reduce your Cost per Conversion with Retargeting Ads on Facebook

Facebook pixel

So what are Facebook Pixels?

Facebook Pixels are a bunch of codes that Facebook automatically generates for you to help them optimize your Ad Campaigns by monitoring the activities on your website. (I talk about how to install Facebook Pixels on your website in my youtube video below this post)

Here's how it works: After you have installed the Facebook pixels on your website, Facebook is able to track your website activity.

whenever you run a Facebook ad that links back to your website, they are able to keep a record of each Facebook user that visits the different pages on your website.And they document the information of people who visit the different pages separately. Which is AMAZING... I'll tell you why soon.

we know what FB Pixels are, Let's talk about RETARGETING.

Retargeting is simply sending adverts to people who have interacted with your business in the past. How do you have this information? Yea, FB Pixels.

Thanks to Pixels, You can send ads to people who

1. Have interacted with your blog posts or video tutorials

2. Have Visited your sales page but didn't make a purchase/ people who didn't check out their cart.

3. People who have bought from you before.

Creating an audience of any of the above criteria of people is what Facebook calls creating a "Custom Audience." Now, this is where it gets really GOOD.

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When you have a custom audience of any of the above kinds of people... Facebook has a feature that actually allows you to target people who are SIMILAR to the people on that audience!

That's what Facebook calls creating a "Lookalike Audience."

(I talk more about creating custom and lookalike audiences in my youtube video on Facebook Pixels and Retargeting.)

How you can reduce your Cost per Reduce your Cost per Conversion with retargeting

When you start selling a new product to your Nigerian Audience, there's only so much interest-based targeting you can do. So, your first target audience is kinda broad, which is bad for your Cost per Conversion (CPC)

But after Facebook has gotten the information of the people who visit your landing page to either engage with your content or buy your products.You can use that information to create a "Lookalike Audience" that is similar to the kind of people who are interested in what you sell.

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This way, running this CPC for your next Ad with the Lookalike Audience will reduce drastically and you'll be making more sales with less money.Isn't that the dream of every advertiser?

Also, I teach facebook advertising to Small Business Owners that sell to Nigerians.

So if you'd like to learn Contact me.

Facebook Pixel is your best friend.That's what I called the YouTube video I uploaded today.You can click this link to watch it.

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Author : Kekeocha Justin