How to stop getting banned and having your card rejected on Facebook

I will teach you How to stop getting banned and having your card rejected on Facebook when you try to Promote Your Business With Facebook and Instagram Ads.

Stop getting banned on facebook

Let's Begin.

First thing you need to know about Advertising with Facebook and Instagram is that they have the Power to transform your business from a side hustle that's barely bringing you enough money to survive to a BUSINESS that sets you up for life.


Being able to place Your Products or Service in the Faces of the kind of people who need it and can afford to pay you for it is what's missing from your business.
And that's what Facebook and Instagram Ads Give you.


That said, Let's talk about the reasons why You're getting banned when you try to set up your ads

1. The most common reason I've seen is You're trying to run your ads directly from your Facebook Page/ Profile instead of using the Facebook Business Manager Platform 

Bena, What's a facebook Business Manager Platform?

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My dear, The Facebook Business Manager Platform is a platform Facebook created for business owners to be able to advertise their business easily and without stress.

Don't worry, I already have a tutorial on How you can...


Create your Facebook Business Manager account and set up your first successful Ad using it. You can watch it here.

You're Welcome.

Moving on, Your Card... Why is it always rejected and getting banned? 

That's a question for your bank to answer dear.

But fear not, I have an alternative.

Here's A free guide on how to create multiple virtual dollar Cards that work for Facebook, Instagram, Google and other Online Advertising Platforms.

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