3 Important ways to earn money in 2020

Money money money. To some, a problem. To others, a tool. A necessary tool for doing things that gladden the heart. Some find it easy to make, some struggle to attract its favour. Here, I share with you 3 ways to earn wads of cash .

1. You make money by WHAT YOU DO.

Yes. Your level of competence will always determine how much you make. This is why you need to have a skill. And you need to make up your mind to be the best at it. If you are struggling with making money, first ask yourself if you have any skill that solves a problem in demand of solution. If yes, ask yourself if you are actively looking for people with this problem. If yes again, ask yourself if you are positioning yourself well enough to command the bucks.

Don't complain about not having money when you are not doing anything to make it by what you do.

2. You make money by WHAT YOU KNOW.

Love it or hate it, knowledge will always set men apart.

Read this:

Effort is the common denominator, knowledge is the differentiator.We may both exert different level of energy towards similar projects and still get same results. But we can never apply different level of knowledge and get similar results. The difference in knowledge will show up.This is why information marketing will forever be a goldmine.

Experts will always be paid for their knowledge.I am reminded of a story I once read.

A man had purchased a special machine that cost him so much money. On the day the machine was to be used, it developed a fault. Engineers and experts were called in to fix up the machine, but they all couldn't figure out the problem. 

Until an 18 year old boy came up and told them he could fix it. This boy had been an intern at the company where this machine was manufactured.He wasn't considered an expert and so the owner of the machine was skeptical.

But because he was desperate and running out of time and options, he asked the boy to go ahead.Keep in mind that several engineers had tried and failed. The young man walked up to the machine, gave it a thoughtful look, walked around it, bent under looking like he was searching for something.

Then he stood up and asked for a hammer. "What could he possibly need a hammer for?" They brought him the hammer. He took it, walked around the machine, stood at a spot and struck the machine with the hammer. He walked to the other side of the machine, stood and struck it.

He then asked them to start the machine.To the surprise and excitement of everyone the machine roared to life.

Everyone was happy.It was time for payment.The man asked the young man how much his money was.

To which the young man said $2m (2 million dollars) The man screamed and said 'Whoah. Why 2million? Explain."The young man shifted his shoulders, looked at him and said:"For the first hit, $500,000. For the second hit, $500,000"

The man looked at him and said: "yes, that is a million. So how about the other 1 million? Explain it" .The young man then looked at him and said: "For knowing exactly where to hit $1million"

You get the point? Knowing what works, and how it works is twice as important as the work. You can make money by WHAT YOU KNOW... And a lot of it 


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3. You can make money by WHO YOU ARE!

This is the babanla of them all.This is why your name pulls cash. You have gone beyond what you do and what you know to being a persons whose name shakes tables and opens doors.

Here, your reputation earns you a lot of quid. This level is the ultimate level for everyone. As you step into 2020, if you combine these three critically, with focus and seriousness, you will drown in cash.

Are you excited about this? Are you ready to take charge and take over?

Let's kill it this coming year.


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Author : Kekeocha Justin

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