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I have severally told y'all to spend money advertising on Facebook. Facebook has nearly 20 million Nigerians registered and if you know how to make it work, you'll make a ton of money.

I do. My clients do. My followers do. Now this method is two pronged.

Prong 1:, you can start and complete ON Facebook.

Prong 2: is Prong 1 but extended to WhatsApp

Prong means "Part". My English is just too polished tonight 🙂 2 things to note:

1. You'll need to spend some money to make this work.

It'll cost around $100 for the software that you'll need to make them work. That's around =N=36,500. You and I know you burn this cash on nothing, so don't choke at this point. But the software (I'll mention them as I go along)

2. I'll be mentioning some thing to do. If I say to do. something and you don't know how to do it, just go to this website: Jon loomer digital , and search Jon's blog, I can bet he already has a free tutorial about how to do it.

Prong 1

This is where you target Facebook groups. Facebook groups contain people who have opted in to learn about a specific topic, you probably belong to one or more. Some Facebook groups have millions of members.

One of such id the Females in Nigeria group (or Africa. Can't remember now). This group last I know was nearing 2 million members. I saw one the other day about health with over 1 million members. 90% of their members are Nigerians.

Facebook groups have very high engagement this means their members share common interests, express opinions, discuss issues and post relevant content. and most of all, BUYING stuff. Targeting them is the cheapest way to get a massive amount of traffic from Facebook members who are interested in your topic.

To mine these groups, you need to get these two software:

1. Pix Leads and you also need to get.

1. Pix Leads:

Pixel leads


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2. whatsender.net (they have a free version, but it's severely limited. Just buy the PRO version).

Now this is where the magic starts.

Pix Lead lets you mine Facebook data (this is perfectly legal as the creators use the open Facebook developers OpenGraph to create them.

You can type in a groups name and mine the members data - name, real emails OR phone numbers and export them to an Email/Phone Marketing list.

So now you have a list of people from a group, their names, emails and phone numbers.

What's the next Step?

Here it is:

You then import them to FB Custom Audience (search for "how to create a Facebook Custom Audience" on Jon Loomer Digital).

Once you have them in your Facebook ad account custom audience, you can now create a regular advert and target ONLY THE PEOPLE in THAT SPECIFIC custom audience.

Again, Jon's site has articles showing you how to do this. So for example, if I want to sell human hair, I can target the Women in Nigeria, use Pix Leads to download the active users data, upload them to my Facebook ad account as a custom audience, then create an advert selling the bra and target the ads to be shown to ONLY people in that custom audience.

That is what I call bulls eye target advertising. Now....how cool is that?!

Instead of messing around with Facebook's hit/miss targeting options, you give yourself a BIGGER chance to succeed.Do you think you'll sell more products this or not?

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Alright let's go to Prong 2.

Remember that when you mine the Facebook data, you also...

mined their phone numbers, right?

Now this is "wicked" in a good way my friends. You put those names AND PHONE NUMBERS into a separate file (.xls which is excel), upload them into the WhatsApp bulk sender PRO software, connect your WhatsApp (please use WhatsAPP for Business....for this),then type up an advertising message and you can blast this message to everybody in the uploaded file.

The software even lets you include their names so your marketing messages are personalized.Now PLEASE do not SPAM users.Do this ethically. What I have just shown you FOR FREE is what many agencies and influencers will charge you =N=500,000 and above for.

Use it, grow your business, enrich yourself, treat your family, contribute to your community. And oh,I collect tithe too if you're so inclined when you have made money.

Thanks 🙏🏾


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Author : Kekeocha Justin