Top 10 In-demand jobs and Certificates in Canada and Tech Skills in demand in 2020

After writing an article on Top 10 sites for learning Excel, Free Online Education,to review your resume for free, your career and Interview Preparation i decided to also write on Top 10:

- In-demand jobs in Canada in 2020
- Certificates in Canada in 2020

- Tech Skills in demand in 2020

Top 10 In-demand jobs in Canada in 2020

1. Sales Associate
2. Administrative Assistant
3. Driver
4. Developer
5. Receptionist
6. Blockchain Developer
7. AI Researcher
8. Chief Experience Officer (CXO)
9. Live Chat Agent
10. Human Resources Officer 

Top 10 Certificates in Canada in 2020

1. Sales Professional Certificate
2. Certificate in Education Assistant
3. Certificate in Early Childhood Education
4. Certificate in Computerized Financial Management (ACS)
5. Cuisine Intermédiaire
6. Certified Internal Auditor 

7. Veterinary Medical Office Certificate
8. Certificate in Adventure Tourism
9. Professional Certified Marketer
10. Human Resources Certificate 

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Top 10 Tech Skills in demand in 2020

1. Machine Learning
2. Mobile Development
3. SEO/SEM Marketing
4. Data Visualization
5. Data Engineering
6. UI/UX Design
7. Cyber-security
8. Cloud Computing/AWS
9. Blockchain
10. IOT 

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