Pay attention to this, It may unlock your next big move in 2020

There's always an opening in the universe for the next big idea, business proposition and vision. I have learnt that the problem is never with the idea but with the execution strategy. 

A lot of people have asked me how I started my business. It wasn't simple but when I think about it, I believe I was focused on starting with whatever I had at the time. 

When you say you move, it becomes more than the idea of moving but on the actual strategy that you EXECUTE on the go despite the challenges you face daily. 

At the end, it all boils back to making decisions and executing fast regardless of any situation or challenge you may find yourself in. If money becomes the reason for you slowing down, come up with alternatives. Money will always be a challenge especially for startups. 

You have to learn how experts circumvent it. Know when and how to focus. In the early days of Crib-X Technology, I shut down the noise around me. I basically locked myself in my house and worked excruciating long hours. 

I pulled on every strings, made numerous calls, placed bids for projects that I wasn't invited to bid for. Lol .. It was really hard to get someone to sign up but my persistence paid off. At a point, I barely spoke to another human in an average 48hours. 

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Focus on one thing. Pick a product or a service and sell it like your entire life depends on it. You need just 100 customers to buy your products worth 10,000 to make a million Naira.

You need just 10 clients to buy products worth 50k to make a million Naira. 

Focus on finding your 10, 20, 100, 1,000 customers in 2020. Sell that product or service like your life depends on it. Sell!!!

Don't wait for naysayers! Focus and sell!

Leverage on tech to expand your marketing reach. I am always available. 

Come with a clean deal and we will help you sell your products like crazyyy! Build a website. I am your go-to guy. My Development Team will sort you out in a matter of days.

Set up structures. From day one we had an HR to manage our staff, a business developer to help us grow 

and scale. We have payment plans. We have legal instruments. We have work schedule. Set up structures!

Lastly, know the right model for your business. I started out as a B2C but learnt early enough to switch to B2B which was a perfect model for our operations. 

2020 is just some days away! This is the best time to retreat to a secluded place and begin to mentally and physically map out your agenda and strategy for the year.

Make your BOLD MOVE now.


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Author : Kekeocha Justin

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