Learn from my stupidity on Blackberry channels


Back when BLACKBERRY Channels was still a hot money-making app;I grew 2 channels that were bringing in a neat N300k/month

If you were active on BBM then, you may remember

1. Football Nation
2. Psyche Mechanics

What did I do with the money?

Read on 

Well for one. I didn't save or invest it. I spent and gave out that money as quickly as it came in. I thought I was being "nice and caring".@RealNaijaGuy wrote a thread about this not too long ago,I looked after others & forgot about myself.Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! And I was under the illusion that BBM Channels had come to stay.

In my head, I had hundreds of thousands of subscribers and the money was always going to keep coming. Really dumb. Never rely on one platform or one income stream, Diversify as quickly as possible!Do this with speed! And here's where I really messed up!

I had over 200,000 active subscribers and I didn't sell a single thing to them.

I didn't build an email list.
I didn't create a course.
I didn't become an affiliate

I did nothing to milk the hell out of that crazy opportunity.

Again, dumb! I could go on, but not today. What's the moral here?

1. Help people, but put yourself FIRST

2. Invest, diversify, figure out a way to multiply ur income, it is foolish to rely on 1 inc stream

3. If you discover a money-making op, don't rest on ur oars, MILK THE HELL OUT OF IT.


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Author : Kekeocha Justin