Why you should get health insurance in Nigeria

The basic concept of health insurance is simple: You pay a health insurance provider (insurer) a set amount of money called ‘premium’ to guarantee that if you fall sick, your insurer will cover all your medical costs.

Healthcare in Nigeria is expensive relative to the earning power of most Nigerians so having health insurance is important so that you’re not responsible for paying huge healthcare expenses out-of-pocket.

Health insurance provides people with a much needed financial backup during times of medical emergencies. You may be tempted to go without health insurance, especially if you are young and rarely get sick.

You may even choose to pay out-of-pocket when you come down with minor illnesses however if you have a serious illness or accident things could get ugly quickly as you could find yourself bankrupt. Most Nigerians are one major illness away from poverty.

Health risks and uncertainties are part of life. No one plans to get sick but if it happens, one should certainly be prepared for the financial aspect. One of the ways to be financially prepared against uncertain health risks is by buying health insurance.

Apart from covering the cost of treatment, you also get access to preventive care such as tests and screenings, annual check-ups, routine vaccinations, doctor visits at no additional cost to you.

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Getting recommended preventive care is a key step to help you stay as healthy as possible and identify any medical problems before they can become major.

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Author : Kekeocha Justin