How to create video Ads for Drop shipping

There are a bunch of different ways to create videos.

You can get them:
- created cheap on fivver
- Do it yourself
- high end video agency / ecomvids 

Fiiver is decent, but alot of the times i have been disappointed with the work on fivver. Each editor has their own style and its really up to you to look around, get some videos made by a bunch of editors, find an editor you like, and stick with them. 

Editors on fiiver charge anywhere from $5-$300. I have had decent videos made before for $40.

Today @Ryan12Banks was asking about ecomvids  and i have to say there quality of work is top notch. In case you don't,t know what ecomvids is, it is an E-Commerce Video Ad Service. Had a video made by them and watched my CPM (US only) go from $17 to $12 just by changing out the creative to a better one.

The problem is two fold with Ecomvids 

i am talking no less than $700 for a single video. i would not recommend getting a video from them unless you know the product sells and have tested it before with a DIY / fivver creative

2. It takes a couple weeks to get delivered to you
Slow. Worth it thou 


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Drop shipping video ads
so right now im creating all of my video ads myself. My supplier has some VERY HIGH QUALITY vidoes and product photos. I have  never seen a supplier takes such great photos before.I create two creatives for each product i test, that way i have a minimum of 4 ads to test (2 different creatives, 2 different ad copies = 4 different ads)

This is something i learned from @AdsAlchemist . So the raw footage from the supplier i am cutting up in DaVinci Resolve. Its a free program that I use and its probably the best FREE video editing program out there. I also use still images and upload them to Quik by GoPro to create a slideshow. 

Here is the general format i follow for video Creation:

  • HOOK – attract your prospects to watch the video ad (6 sec)
  • WHATS IN IT FOR ME - solution to a problem (12 sec)
  • OFFER – what the deal (6 sec)
  • CALL TO ACTION – tell them to click or buy now (6 sec) 

That's it.Thats how i create my videos.let me know if you have any questions.

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Author : Kekeocha Justin