A breakdown of Certifications in Canada

A breakdown of Certifications in Canada categorized into:

- Designation
- Brief description &
- Website of certifying body.

Professions are in:

- Accounting/Finance
- Architecture/Design
- Aviation
- Bank/Insurance
- Engineering
- Education
- Health
- HR
- Community / NGO 

It is important to note that some jobs require certifications to practice while some are not legally required. However, having a certification 'might' increase chances. Look through the website and contact if you have questions. Especially if it can be issued outside Canada. 



1. CPA (Chattered Professional Accountant): The CPAs are recognized as some of the best Canadian accountants.

Link: CPA CanadaCPA

CPA  Canada

2. CFP (Certified Financial Planner): They are recognized by the Financial Planning Standards Council and what they do is assess client portfolios and optimize their returns.

Body: Financial Planning Standards Council.

Link: FP Canada

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3. CFSA (Certified Financial Services Auditor): They are internationally recognized by The Institute of Internal Auditors Canada. This designation audits financial institutions.

Link: tiny.cc/txj3iz 

4. CGAP (Certified Government Auditing Professional): This is by the Institute of Internal Auditors and they specialize in public-sector auditing.

Link: tiny.cc/n9s3iz 

5. CIA (Certified Internal Auditor): This is by the Institute of Internal Auditors and what they do is inspect companies finances to reduce losses.

Link: tiny.cc/0dt3iz

6. CFA (Chattered Financial Accountant) – (Edmonton)

Link: tiny.cc/bgt3iz 

7. CFA (Chattered Financial Analyst) – Calgary: This designation is given to members accepted into the internationally renowned organization the CFA Institute.

Link: tiny.cc/xzt3iz

9. CIWM (Certified International Wealth Manager)

Link: tiny.cc/dnu3iz 

9. CIM (Chattered Investment Manager): This is recognized by the Canadian Securities Institute and a CIM is one of the highest-rated investment managers.

Link: tiny.cc/mau3iz 

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10. CLU (Chartered Life Underwriter): The CLU is recognized by the Institute for Advanced Financial Education and what they do is optimize clients’ life insurance plans.

Link: bit.do/fqd9u 


1. CCCA (Certified Construction Contract Administrator)
Link: tiny.cc/uev3iz

2. CEC (Construction Estimator Certified)
Link: bit.do/fqedp

3. Architect
Link: bit.do/fqedS 

4. BEFA (Broadly Experienced Foreign Architect)
Link: bit.do/fqedS

5. CA (Chartered Appraiser): The Chartered appraisers are recognized by the Ordre des évaluateurs agréés du Québec and they assess the value of a variety of assets.

Link: Ordre des évaluateurs agréés du Québec

6. CEC (Construction Estimator Certified)
Link: bit.do/fqeeE

7. LEED AP (LEED Accredited Professional)
Link: tiny.cc/9uv3iz 


1. A.A.P (Accredited Airport Professional)
Link: bit.do/fqeo7

2. A.E.E. (Accredited Airport Executive)
Link: bit.do/fqeo7 

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1. CCSA (Certification in Control Self-Assessment)
Link: tiny.cc/rwy3iz

2. CRMA (Certification in Risk Management Assurance)
Link: tiny.cc/9xy3iz 

3. CHS (Certified Health Insurance Specialist): They are recognized by the Institute for Advanced Financial Education and what they do is handle health insurance claims.
Link: bit.do/fqeAs

4. CIP (Chartered Insurance Professional):
Link: tiny.cc/55y3iz 

5. R.F.P. (Registered Financial Planner)
Link bit.do/fqeBk

6. CSWP (Chartered Strategic Wealth Professional)
Link: bit.do/fqeBT 

7. PFP (Personal Financial Planner)
Link: bit.do/fqeBT

8. MTI (MTI Estate and Trust Professional)
Link: bit.do/fqeBT 


1. CET (Certified Engineering Technologist): bit.do/fqeE3

2. AScT (Applied Science Technologist):
Link: bit.do/fqeFo

3. CCIT (Certified Computer Information Technologist)
Link: bit.do/fqeFo 

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4. CET (Certified Engineering Technologist)
Link: bit.do/fqeFo

5. C. Tech (Certified Technician)
Link: bit.do/fqeGN

6. OLS (Ontario Land Surveyor)
Link: bit.do/fqeG7 

7. P. Tech (Professional Technologist)
Link: bit.do/fqeHA 


1. GC (Guidance Counsellor)
Link: bit.do/fqeJe


1. T.M. (Medical Technologist)
Link: bit.do/fqeJK

2. Occupational Therapist
Link: tiny.cc/gv03iz

3. Registered Midwife
Link: bit.do/fqeKf 

4. CACFI Acupunturist
Link: bit.do/fqeKH

5. Certified Audiologist – Aud(C) and Speech-Language Pathologist
Link: bit.do/fqeK2

6. Chiropractor
Link: bit.do/fqeLi

7. Paramedic
Link: bit.do/fqeLv 

Nursing, Doctor and Dentistry have all been omitted from list. 

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1. CHRP (Certified Human Resources Professional)
CHRL (Certified Human Resources Leader)
CHRL (Certified Human Resources Executive)
Link: bit.do/fqeNQ

2. PCP (Payroll Compliance Practitioner)
CPM (Certified Payroll Mgr)
Link: bit.do/fqePH 

3. CPLP (Certified Professional in Learning and Performance)
Link: astd.org/certification

4. RPT (Registered Professional Trainer)
Link: bit.do/fqeRq 

5. CCS (Certified Career Strategist)
CIS (Certified Interview Strategist)
CRS (Certified Resume Strategist)
CEM (Certified Employment Strategist)

Link: bit.do/fqeRy 

Worthy of mention:



CCPE (Canadian Certified Professional Ergonomist)
CHSC (Certified Health & Safety Consultant)
CHSMSA (Certified Health and Safety Management System Auditor)
COHN (Certified Occupational Health Nurse) 

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CRSP (Canadian Registered Safety Professional)
CRST( Canadian Registered Safety Technician)
ROH (Registered Occupational Hygienist)
ROHT (Registered Occupational Hygiene Technologist)/

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