How to study in China

If you are a Nigerian who is interested in studying in China, this is a detailed overview of the processes involved. 274 universities in China are offering fully funded scholarships for BSc, Masters and PhD studies.

You can find the list of Chinese universities involved in this  CSC Scholarships | China Scholarship Council

CSC Scholarships | China Scholarship Council

Most universities do not need IELTS or TOEFL, they accept English proficiency letter. Language of instruction in universities can be in English or Chinese language. 

If you select a Chinese-taught program, you will be enrolling a one (1) year language program in China before you start your main program. You must pass the language before you proceed to your main course. 

For MSc and PhD applicants, after selecting the universities you want, enter their website and look for the “Scholarship” tab, click it. When you see “China Scholarship Council (CSC)”, click it to view the programs available offered by the university for the scholarship. 

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When you see a program that interests you, the next step is to navigate to the "Faculty Professors or staff" section of each universities website so that you can contact a potential supervisor. Some universities have a direct link that will lead to the complete list of their 

supervisors, they are usually grouped by departments or fields of study. It is advisable to apply to a maximum of three schools. 

After identifying a supervisor, send a mail to them requesting for their supervision. Send to as many professors as possible. Any supervisor that accepts to supervise you will give you an acceptance letter which you will attach to your online applications. 

You can also APPLY without a supervisor’s acceptance letter so don’t let that stop you from applying except in cases where the schools says is mandatory (which most schools don't). Just that having a supervisor’s letter will boost your chances 

but if you don’t see or receive a response, still apply cos you can still get the scholarship. 

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As you do this also gather the relevant application documents required by your preferred university. The application requirements and documents needed for most schools in China are very similar. Start the application immediately you get your documents ready. 

You can only certify photocopies of your original certificates. After certification/notarization, you can either upload the certified or the original copy. You can certify your document in a high court in Nigeria. 

After uploading your documents, you will normally be required send some documents to the Chinese university. The list of documents will be shown to you be the Chinese university. Make sure you attach the scholarship application form to the documents you will sending to China. 

Your recommendation letter is also a huge part of your application. If possible, appeal to your referees not to write a generic “To whom it may concern” letter. Beg them to write a detailed recommendation letter for you that shows that they know your strengths. 

If they will allow you, you can write it and give it to them to append their signature and stamp when you write it. Do this if you can. 

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You must sign up on the Chinese government website here Each university participating in this scholarship has an AGENCY NO. Take note of the number of the university you applied to because you will need to add it on the Chinese government website. 

The Agency No tells the scholarship authority the specific Chinese university you applied to. The agency no of each university can be found on the Chinese university’s website. After applying on the scholarship site, print out the application form because you will be sending 

it alongside the application documents required by the Chinese University you applied to. 

Have it in mind that most Chinese universities collect an application fee of about N27k. The List of Chinese Universities Without Application Fee for CSC Scholarship 2019

This scholarship selection process is done by a committee which comprises of members from the international cooperation office, your Chinese university, the postgraduate school, CSC representatives and one of the university’s most senior administrators. 

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These individuals vet all applications submitted and select the qualified applicants before sending their recommendation to the CSC for final approval. 

In summary:

* Apply on the Chinese university website and note their agency No

* Apply on the CSC website, specify the agency no of the university you choosed

* Print out the application form of the CSC scholarship and that of the university too

* Certify your documents at a 

high court in Nigeria

* Get detailed recommendation letters from your referees

* For the medical form, just go to any federal hospital, they will help you fill the form, there is really no need to do any medical test yet because you will be doing a comprehensive one during your 

visa application.


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