practical tips that could aid your success in the IELTS academic test

Here are some practical tips that could aid your success in the IELTS academic test. You can pass it well.

First of all, if you are comfortable using a computer, I would recommend you do the computer based test. It is easier and faster to correct your errors in the computer based test. 

For the Reading module, I encourage you to read articles, lots of articles. This is the secret to passing the reading module. Don’t shy away from reading good articles that come across your timeline. 

Some journalists here on twitter share their articles which have some good vocabulary in them. Make it a habit to read editorials in news sites. Read about any topic that interests you but make sure the article is long because in your exam, the article given is usually long and 

it flows with the question you are expected to answer. 

For the Listening module, Try and listen to more of British accent whether you are listening to songs or watching movies. Your exam will be in British accent so you need to get used to British accent. I also recommend that you listen to British podcasts 

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like speeches of UK leaders and other British presenters. You can find some here…. Listen to them regularly so you can be more familiar with British accent. Truth is, you can get a score of 9.0 in your listening once you are focused in the exam. 

For the Speaking module, Please be confident during the exam. I can’t stress this enough. Be confident. In most scenarios, you may not be prepared for the questions that will asked by the examiner but if you are composed and confident, you will pull through. 

The speaking test is not difficult, as a Nigerian you speak English everyday so just be confident. It is like a Q&A session. If you are able to manage your nervousness, you will do better. Just try and be calm, you will think better and provide better answers to questions. 

The IELTS writing part is perhaps the most challenging, the key here is practice, practice and practice. Time yourself when practicing. Task 1 is 20 minutes and Task 2 is 40 minutes. Task 2 has more marks so give it more priority. If you use an android device I recommend this appIELTS Writing App

The IELTS examiner is interested in how well you are able to manipulate grammatical structures and phrases. What you write in Task 2 mustn’t be true so be imaginative in your essay, they just want to test your grammar.

Just make sure that what you write is making sense. 

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Author : Kekeocha Justin