9 Lazy Reading Tips That Work

Let’s face the fact, reading is not an easy task. Especially, when you are just starting out. In fact most of us only read when exam is close or whenever we have a presentation. But what if you find a way to make reading interesting, what if there is a magic wand you can wave that get your hand and mind stick to reading and you just can’t wait to have that book in front of you. Yes, this is possible and the tips I will be sharing with you will help you do just that. These tips will work for even the laziest man in the world.

Let’s get to the point

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1. Change your believe

Reading is fun.
Here we go. You probably looked surprised. Because you have had bad experience reading, and here I am telling you it is not only easy but fun.
Most reading problems we have today are based on the perception that reading is hard. It is if you believe it is. You’ve seen reading as a stressful, time consuming work that require you to sacrifice all your happiness and deprive you of having fun. No, reading does not have to be that way. In fact you have to start having fun while you read. Which is why a change of believe is very important if you are going to be lazy at reading and still catch some fun.

2. Be Adventurous

Reading is all about time and place. A good way to add some fun to reading is by being adventurous while you read. Being adventurous require you to move from one place to another. You might want to leave your desk to sitting under a tree or inside a car. This will save you from boredom that might result if you read on a single spot every time

3. Read to forget

Most of us make the mistake of trying to get every detail in a book at once. It takes time to assimilate 100% of the content in a book. Which is why you should cultivate the habit of repeated reading, read again and again. The only time you get scared is when you think you will not remember what you have read and you think that moment can be a waste of your time. The secret is to read to forget. If you read to forget then you will never forget and you will never be afraid of not learning anything from what you have read.

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4. Know yourself

Knowing yourself require knowing when you are best fit to read. Knowing when your brain assimilate best, and under what condition. Are you a silence loving reading type or a noise loving reading guru? For me it has always been in the morning and at night when everywhere is more silent.
So you have to read yourself first to detect what part of the day and what condition you assimilate best. A good way to do this is to test your reading assimilation skills (RAS) under several conditions during the period of one week. And rate your performance under each condition on a scale of 1 to 5. At the end of the week you should have a good look of when you are best fit to read.

5. Never use a Reading Timetable

Some of us have form the habit of forming a reading timetable, some will even hang it on their room wall to boast to friends, this is something I will advise you to quit. The only time table you should have is when to read, not what to read. Because when you have a timetable of what to read, you will be putting yourself under the pressure of having to read a particular course, whether you feel like reading it or not. What you want to do is to pick what interest you at a particular time and just read that. You might be thinking, how will I be able to cover my course work if I keep reading the same book? But the truth is, your interest will always change, the same way your taste constantly change for the type of food you want to eat.

6. Learn the art of repeated reading

As a student or employee, you have deadline to meet, test or exams to write or a presentation to give. Reading close to deadline will cause you stress, a lot of it, and will also put fear in you. As much as you can avoid reading close to deadline as you will always want to get every details at once which is very bad for assimilation.
When I was in my second year in the University, there was a lot for me to cover at short period of time. So I realized this very early and I started reading before the school even resume properly for the session, this helped me alot and save me from the exam tension that most student get by reading close to the exam as I have read and re-read those books I was supposed to read.
Each time you re-read a text, you get new details that you were unable to identify the previous time you read. You also get to retain the details you have gotten from your previous reading and this will serve as an assertion to what you are reading as you might have gotten the meaning wrong from the first time you read.

7. Less hour means more productivity

Break your reading into small sessions. Long continuous hours of reading is a bad habit you must stop. Research have shown that: for human being, the optimum level of assimilation while reading comes within the first 30minutes of reading. Your level of assimilation reduces as time passes. Not only the level of assimilation, but also the energy and the enthusiasm also decreases as time passes.
Instead of reading for long continuous hours, that does good to no one, what you should do is to split your reading into sessions and then having short break between these sessions. Go have some fun during this short breaks. Play football, watch movie, talk to a friend or eat.

8. Take a Break, catch some fun

Taking a break will help you replenish the reduced enthusiasm and energy. While taking your break, you have to set the number of hours you will use for your break. Mind you, what you do during these breaks is very important and this will determine your level of enthusiasm. So you should engage yourself in exercise that get you excited enough that will make your brain feel relaxed. Some of the things you can do are: have a conversation with a friend, go see some sites that interest you, engage in some mind relaxing activities, eat some snacks, watch a short movie or watch small part of a long movie, if you can resist the temptation. Under no circumstance should you use more than your budgeted time.
I will confess to you that I myself get caught in the act of using more time for break, it is normal and you can still survive with this but a good way not to overdo it is to always remember your set goals and what that means to you.

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9. A quick scanning please

Scanning is one you might be familiar with. It is simply flipping through the pages of your selected book and reading the headings and sub- heading. Lot of people will neglect scanning before reading and guess what happen when they do, they waste a lot of their precious time reading irrelevant things that are not in line with their set objective, then they come out bragging about reading for X hours most of which was used reading irrelevant topics. This could be helpful to some extent but if you are like me, you want to get the most important detail in the book because probably you are working on a deadline. A good scanning habit can you save time.

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