How to get Rich clients from Social Media

Getting deep pocket clients is easy. The hard part is how you sell yourself or at least, position yourself so they come to you, instead of having to go to them.

Clients who will pay you anything between N100,000 - N1.5Million to handle a project for them are not easily moved by generic claims like....

"I will boost your conversion rate and multiply sales"

Social media

Sure, for them, that's the end goal,But the truth of the matter is before a client will even consider bringing you on board.They want to make damn sure you know what you're doing and the onus is on you to show them you're the real deal by either;

1. Constantly putting out valuable content that tackles serious marketing concerns or... 

2. When you send an email/DM pitch , simply point out one or two major pain points in their business & ....

2b. Aggravate the problem

2c. Give them a hint on how sales can go up when they do x and y

2d. Offer to help them solve it, then step back and allow them come to you... 

3. Funny enough, the clients who have money to spend are right here on Twitter and you can find a lot of them on LINKEDIN too..

But don't be in a hurry to send a DM or am email.Study them first;

What are they interested in?
Whats their biz about?
Who do they sell to?

Look, you are wasting your time if you think you can just copy a cold email or take a generic DM and send it to a potential client with the hope they'll respond , 99.99999% won't.

Your pitch has to feel personal. Your client should read it and say "Damn, this is our guy" 

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Author : Kekeocha Justin