3 Reasons Why You’re Making ZERO Sales On Social media

1. Your content (posts and tweets) has no structure
2. You’re either asking for the sale too often or you don’t know how to ask for it
3. You’re not selling to your prospective client’s subconscious mind. 

Let’s face it, sales pitches and scripts are just one piece to the puzzle. If you do it while ignoring what your daily post or tweets project about your business it will affect sales.


So let’s talk content structure and how to use it to sell. 

Have you ever heard about selling to the subconscious or simply put, subtle selling? It presupposes that every buyer should feel like they came up with the idea to patronize your business and not that they felt pressured to do it. But how can anyone achieve this? You do it by building a content structure like the one below

Monday - Quotes
Tuesday - Tips
Wednesday - Jokes
Thursday - SELL
Friday - Questions
Saturday - Curated Content 

The intent behind any content structure should be to project products and services as often as possible, without appearing too loud, “salesy” or too laid back about products and services offered. 

The idea is to engage, entertain and educate anyone that comes across your social media pages on why you’re the one they should choose to do business with.So how does this content structure or technique work? 

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How do you use it to easily create 366 social media posts that generates sales in any business? I dissect the technique 25 minute long explainer video demonstrates how anyone can adopt this method and achieve staggering sales in business 


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Author : Kekeocha Justin