How to test an Ecommerce product

Testing a product is the most important thing you must do in Ecom. There are various reasons why it is necessary to test your products and tope of the list is You don't want to be stuck with a product that NO ONE WANTs.

Trust me, its a terrible thing. You don't want to spend time, money and energy to Import a product that No one wants. Sadly many people come into Ecom and are taught about certain Niches that are hot selling and just assume "Ha, let me just bring this in, it will sell." That is a Rookie mistake that will cost you.


The things I will be revealing now No one else will teach you. These are the best secrets that I have used to make money or avoid getting into bad markets.

 Market Research

what does market research mean??? well its simple this is finding out what others are selling within that Niche that you are about to enter. What do I mean??
Use Facebook to scope out the competition if any. Go to Facebook and input in the search bar the product you want to sell or niche. Eg Weight loss, Diabetes etc. 

Then immediately Facebook will begin to show you ads from these niches, The next step is to engage and interact with those ads, by clicking on the ad and seeing the offer, the price, and the comments. The longer the ad the more you know that ad has something that is working. 

What you must note before carrying out your own test ad and which is the importance of market research.

1 The Copy: how are other marketers framing their copy.
2 The offer: what exactly are they offering and how are they offering it.
3 The price: what is the standard price. 

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4 How many people are selling this product?

You don't want to buy a product or even test one that a lot of people are already in, you don't want to under price or overprice your product and you want your test copy to do as well as a normal copy would.

If after research you're sure you still have a good product in mind, then you can do the actual test. How to do that?

Get a website, this is non-negotiable. To get proper data you have to run a good test ad, which means you must run it like an actual ad. You need a website to run conversion ads 

What you need to do is register a generic domain on Namecheap, that can be used to test or advertise many different products. Then create a landing page and thank you page, pixel the website and do add to cart, use interest-based targeting, write a short copy and place a form(wp-forms) on the landing page and then test run it with at least $10 dollars per day for 3 days.

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I know you might start asking, what if I start getting orders and people are requesting for my product? Well, what if you don't and you have products in hand? Just tell them you're out of stock if anyone orders and you will inform them when you have stock.

Know this, you're not just testing your product, you're testing the price. Will people buy it? Yes but at what price???

How will you know you have a good product?You will get about 5 orders and above within those 3 days, that's a very good product.

This means, your offer and your product have a good acceptance rate, but please note that, If your product has a high price point, Eg $100. then you might not see higher orders, but it might still be worth it to import!! 

This is the best way to test a product


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Author : Kekeocha Justin