Things to consider before buying an Instagram account

Instagram growth is tough. Every day the Instagram Algorithms are changing. And making growth difficult. About a year ago, one could use growth automation tools or engagement groups (PODs) to boost the rate of followers growth. But after an Update of the IG algorithms about 9 months ago, Everything changed

You cannot use a growth tool or an engagement group/PODs without being restricted, banned for a period of time, Blocked Or worse have your Page deleted. So if you're still using this and you have been lucky so far, it's only a Matter of time before you wake up to that shocking message from IG...

So what do you do Now? 

Especially as a brand who needs a good amount of social Proof for people to do business with you.. or associate with your Brand..

Simple - You buy an Existing Instagram Account with Huge Followers. It could be 10k, 20k, 25k, 50k, 100k followers etc.

Remember that you need this for social Proof and trust, it's highly important especially if you're a business People trust you more when you have more followers. It puts them at ease and make you feel/look more authentic. Buttom line is that it Helps. And goes a very Long way

But you shouldn't just go out there and buy just any Instagram Account thrown to you by any Acclaimed IG accountt seller.You need to be careful so you don't get an account that wouldn't fit your Brand be very careful.  And that's very important.

If it doesn't fit your brand, it's almost useless. So what do you look out for? I'll tell you..

Here are a few things you should consider before buying an IG account. 


Verify The instagram account seller.

Make sure he/she is Authentic and credible and has been in business for a While. This is important especially because the process of buying is that you make FULL payment first, before the account login details are sent to you. So to avoid being Scammed, make sure you're a dealing with the right person.

Apart from that, an account can be given to you and later retrieved by the Seller few days later. I've seen cases of people who are victims of this. And they can't hold the Seller because they don't really have proof and this is not a great experience.You lose your money and Page just like that. Just be careful anyways😀

Buying an instagram account with followers in your Targetted Location.

If your preferred audience is in Nigeria, you have no business buying an account filled with people from the U.S. So make sure you ASK the Seller and confirm this before sending money..

Moreso, you need to be sure you're buying an account with at least a reasonable number of followers that would be interested in your service, brand or product. The seller is in the position to recommend the best account that fits your Brand.

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This would go a long way to make sure you will have Possible customers or Clients on your new Account.

Now, I know you may also be interested in engagements.But I'm telling you from experience that it doesn't matter. It's vanity metrics. And in case you don't know, no matter how high the engagement is on the account.You will lose some engagement once you get the account and start to brand it.

It's totally normal. So don't panic.When that happens, you will also lose followers, and that's normal too. What's happening there is that when you start to post, Some people will see that they are not interested in that type of content or don't like your branding or that the way you're posting is NOT okay with them. So they unfollow. I'm sure you do this too.

That's why when I give my clients an IG account, it also comes with a Free IG Marketing Consultation to put them through EXACTLY what to do. And more importantly, what NOT to do to lose so much followers consistently over a period of time.. 

Some Marketers like myself go the extra mile to give their clients accounts with more followers than they requested for. To make up for the Possible loss of followers..

So for example, you buy a 20k followers account. We could give you a 20.2k followers account or 20.3k. Sometimes if we like you that much, we can give you a 20.5k followers acct.Yup. 500 free followers.

So these are the important things you should know before you buy an instagram accoun


If you're interested in getting a big account for yourself, your Brand or business. We sell Authentic IG accounts with followers from 10k and above. And the usual Market rate is 5 Naira per follower. But for a Limited period of time, we will be selling for only N4 per follower Rate..😎

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Author : Kekeocha Justin