How to sell even when you Hate selling

1. The first thing we need to deal with is why you are uncomfortable with sales.

Many people are uncomfortable with sales because they think it is something bad they are doing to people. That they are making people buy something they do not want or need. 

But it is not true in most cases. People hardly buy stuff they do not want. Actually the reason people buy is because they want. So your main job as a sales person is to:

Educate them on why they need something

This then leads them to wanting that thing so they buy it. 


2. Actually believe in & know the usefulness of your product.

While some people can sell a useless product, it is easier to sell a useful one. That’s why you need to focus on the usefulness of your product. What would it do for people? How will it make them feel? Focus on that. 

3. You’ve heard this before - “People like to buy but they hate to be sold to”.

This is the cardinal principle of sales.The reason for this is people are more comfortable when the decision is wholly theirs. So your first role as a salesperson is educate, educate, educate! 

When you see yourself as an educator, it is easier. You are simply telling people what something will do for them. You are putting their interest first. Your objective (selling) fades into the background. But an educated prospect is more likely to buy & even become an evangelist. 

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Also an educated prospect feels empowered. People want to know that they made a choice about something and they weren’t cajoled. Your job is to guide that choice not force it or take it away.
This is super important! 

4. You can learn to sell. Many think sales can’t be taught. “I am a bad sales person”.

No! Just as you can learn any skill, you can learn sales. Quick plug for scale my hustle . We have an expert coming in this month to teach our Exclusive Circle members basic mechanics of sales. Another interesting thing I came across is that extroverts aren’t necessarily the best at sales.This shocked me.

Finally, you need to switch your mindset. You aren’t selling, you are helping & people want to be helped.

My fav quote on sales is “people want to buy solutions to their problems.”. So you need to make them see why something you have is the solution to a problem they have.


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Author : Kekeocha Justin