15 universities to consider for graduate study in Canada

Applying for grad study in Canada? These are 15 universities to consider

They are Canada’s most research-intensive universities. They undertake 80% of all Canadian research worth $8.5 billion yearly. If you get into one of the U15, it will likely come with scholarship





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These 15 universities contribute more than $36 billion to the Canadian economy annually; they produce more than 75% of all doctorates awarded in Canada. They receive 79% of all allocated funding; hold 85% of Canadian university tech licenses & 81% of Canadian university patents. 

By now you already know that to start your study in Canada by September (Fall term), it is time to apply for admission, right?

Fall term applications open from Sep-Dec/Jan/Feb. Admissions are offered in Feb-April. So you have like 4months to process a visa before Sep resumption. So consider applying to these universities (especially if your program is research-based & you need scholarship). In no particular order/ranking (I also included links to the programs available in each of the universities)

1) University of Saskatchewan 

2) University of Alberta 
3) Uniiversity of British Columbia 

4) Uniiversity of Calgary

5) Dalhousie University Graduate Programs

6) Laval University

7) University of Manitoba bit.ly/31Q7F7T 

8) McGill University
9) McMaster University
10) University of Montreal 
11) University of Ottawa 
12) Queens University 
13) University of Toronto 

14) University of Waterloo Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral

15) University of Western Ontario 

Check the universities for your program of choice, check the admission requirements, prepare your documents as required, submit your application, and hope for the best.

God speed! 

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