Study in Canada on a low budget

Are you planning to study in Canada & on a low budget? Apply to schools in Western & Atlantic Canada. You may likely get a combination of low tuition,funding & low cost of living there

Grad tuition for thesis based degrees @Usask is $6,730/yr with lots of funding opportunities.

The provinces in Western & Atlantic Canada regions are Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island.

Google the available universities in (any of) these provinces and you can check if they offer what you want.

Aside having affordable tuition, Usask for instance gives generous funding to international students. You don’t even need to apply for funding (in most cases), you are automatically nominated if eligible. An example is the Dean’s scholarship.

Tuition at Memorial University, Newfoundland is as low as $3,000/year for some grad programs, details here,

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For many (if not all) grad programs at the Uni of Manitoba, you only pay tuition in the first year (and like $1,500 continuing fees till you graduate).

Some of these universities would even allow you to pay your tuition in installments. When I did my Masters at the Uni of Saskatchewan, my tuition was $4,800/yr and even though it came with funding, I was still allowed to pay my tuition in installments of $800/month for 6 months.

Funding in many Canadian universities is also usually merit based (not need based) & for thesis based programs Tuition for course based programs in these provinces may also be higher than for thesis based. It would, however be lower compared to Unis in other parts of the country.

The same is applicable to undergraduate tuition. But for undergraduate funding, you may find entrance scholarships in schools like University of Alberta and University of Saskatchewan.

Undergrad tuition may, however, be higher than the fees stated for thesis based grad programs.

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If you are just thinking about the process of applying to study in Canada, you may be running late to apply for 2019 Fall (Sept) term because of deadlines. 

Good luck!


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