20 ways to make money as a copywriter

I'm pretty sure you are tired of hearing people say they make money with this skill called copywriting and you are sorted wondering how exactly.


You already make some money with the skill, but you are looking for more money channels. 

Let's breeze through some 20 different ways copywriters, both rookies and top guns, make a helluva money. But before we do that, I should help you establish some home truths:


Making money with this skill depends on two things:

- How good you are.

Think about the jungle, the lion is proud. He sees every other animal and is quick to go for the kill. We may be right that the lion is proud, but we can't deny the fact that he is a killing machine.

If you want to really make a lot of money, you should practice to become A KILLING MACHINE. 

- How well you can negotiate your worth (read, price)

You can be so good at the skill and yet so bad at winning the money game. Business does not give you what you deserve

"I deserve to be paid well. After all I did a good job😭"

Sorry, it doesn't work that way on God's earth. You don't get what you deserve. You get what you negotiate. You must learn how to negotiate prices well by mastering the art of going for the killer bite.

Let's go back to the lion. We don't yet know how, but the lion knows that his prospects have a jugular,And grabbing them by the jugular leaves them helpless.

You are a lion, a killing machine, You should learn to identify your prospect's jugular and go all out for it. How then can you make money as a copywriter? In no particular order:

1. Create webinar scripts for clients 

2. Create video sales letters.

3. Short form sales letters

4. Long form sales letters

5. Write email scripts and sequences for clients.

6. Write newsletters for yourself or clients.

Beginners can use this to make money as soon as yesterday!

Gary Halbert sold his for $2,000 

7. Scripts for pop up ads.

8. Landing page scripts.

9. Sales funnel scripts.

10. Cart abandonment scripts

11. Upsell, downsell, sidesell, one-time offer scripts.

12. Social media captions.

You may be tempted to argue that this is the job of a content creator. 

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Yes, and No!

A copywriter also writes captions for social media, especially she a strong call to action that will end in sales is needed

13. Television and radio ad scripts for businesses.

14. Facebook ad scripts

15. Product descriptions and labels

16. Sales closing scripts 

I have worked with a client in the network marketing industry to create sales scripts used in following up with prospects.

17. Training and information products.

18. Opt-in scripts.

19. About me, home page and contact pages.

Again I hear you say "Stan, isn't this the job of 

content creators?"

Again, I say Yes and No.

Look at the about me for instance, the common strategy people apply to talk about how much they have achieved and how good they are.

But as a copywriter, you flip the system and talk about the prospective customer instead 

Use that to connect with how your client can help them.

20. Consultancy.

This is the ultimate goal of copywriters.

To be consulted widely for our opinions on marketing campaigns and be paid to give advise.

Use this list as motivation.

Learn this skill.

Learn it. 


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Author : Kekeocha Justin