How to Advertise Sensitive products on Facebook without getting banned 😊

(Yes, even sex related products)

If you've tried selling men's health products or health products in general using Facebook, chances are you've lost an ad account or two.


Because it can be very difficult to write an ad copy for these products without using words that trigger the Facebook algorithm to throw you and your business away.

So what do you do?

Facebook ad

From my experience, there are three things you can do

1. Stop advertising on Facebook and use alternative traffic sources. This is like deciding to leave the promise land and go back to being a slave in Egypt.

2. Water down your ad copy until Facebook eventually approves. when you do this, your ads will get approved and run for a few days or even weeks.But there's a 90% chance you'll get banned eventually.You also wont get as many people clicking your ad because you watered it down and it doesn't appeal to your target audience as much)

Now, the third option (where the money is) 

3. Run ads that teach your target audience something valuable and ask them to join your mailing list or Facebook group. Do this the right way, and you'll not only make one-off sales, but you'll have a community of people to come back and sell to over and over again.

For example 

Let's say I want to sell a mens sexual health product 😤. I definitely can not run Facebook ads talking about how my product will make them have better sex with their women


- I can run ads teaching them 5 minute exercises they can do on their chairs in the office to relieve stress

- I can run ads teaching them about how to take proper care of their original Italian shoes

- I can run ads teaching them the best places to order Amala in Lagos

And in every ad I run, I can say "for more helpful tips like this, you can join our Men's Club by clicking this link". The link takes them to the Registration/ application form for my private Facebook group...

On my Facebook group, I can sell them whatever I want to sell them 🤷🏿‍♀️ and not get banned

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If I want to be extra secure I can do this instead

1. Write the ad teaching them something and ask them to click the link to join my mens club

2. The link takes them to a form that collects their email, and name
(So I have their information outside Facebook) 

3.After they submit their emails, there's the landing page they're redirected which will pitch them on Joining the private Facebook group and have the link to register/ apply.

This way I have their information on and off Facebook incase anything ever happens. So if you've ever had issues with selling anything on Facebook, you can try something similar!

Run content to build a group or list then market organically to those people. Facebook users have a lot of money to spend! You just need to know how to sell them.I want to teach you more about selling with Facebook ads...

Ready to learn? Start here 👇👇👇… 


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Author : Kekeocha Justin