How to optimize your Facebook or Instagram Page for Search Engine

If you are into: E-commerce, Info- Marketing, Fashion & Beauty, Real Estate, Food Services, Logistics & Consulting etc.

The first fundamental principle of getting clients using Facebook and Instagram Advertising is to set your page for search engine optimization relating to your niche.

5 key tips on how can you Optimize your Facebook or Instagram Page for Search Engine and get massive clients to sell your products/service

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1. You need to set up your Bio Information to align with your niche, ensure that you are as specific as possible and related search can connote your brand identity as easy as possible.

2. Reach and brand awareness is key. Advertising with low reach and brand awareness will make you spend more and you might not get the desired result as you deem fit.

3. Work on your engagement

4. Put up Testimonials 

5. Set up a Landing Page esp. if your product/service is a static market and does require negotiation in other to sell.

Now that we have a clear perception on how to set up your Facebook and Instagram Page then we can now go ahead with advertising. 

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So how do we advertise?

Before you jump in and create any adverts, it’s important to first think about why you’re advertising and what you’re aiming to achieve. By setting yourself a few goals ahead of going live with ads, you also have something to measure your success against. 

Below are various goals that you can aim at

•Boost your posts
•Promote your Page
•Send people to your website
•Increase conversions on your website
•Get installs of your app
•Increase engagement on your page or app
•Reach people near your business 

•Raise attendance at your event
•Get people to claim your offer
•Get video views
•Collect leads for your business

Once you have identified your Objective then you can go ahead with running your ad. The second fundamental principle of getting clients using Facebook and Instagram ads to set up an


in the copy of your ads.. You will need a mind blowing copy that will make your target audience click on your CTA (call to action) Button. 

Your Offer can apply the principle of;

1. Offering discount for instance giving a 70% discount rate

2. Provide solution

“How 2 Breathe Disease Out of Ur Body Secret Methods Date Back Over 4 Thousand Years. Harness The Most Fundamental Life Force Known To Eastern Disciplines” 

3. Ensuring your copy is promising and intriguing

“Don't let anyone tell you that your skin condition is 'incurable' It's time to STOP suffering and bare beautiful skin with the safe, natural, proven remedies that WORK” 

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4. Giving out free stuff. People love free things

“100% Dry Land at Ibeju Lekki with a C of O when you buy 5 Plots and Get 1 free Extra this Month”

5. Adding bonuses to your initial offer. Etc 

Note that a good ads copy will convert to sales if you are able to set up a good offer that will make your clients see
the amount they are spending as inconsequential to the value you are offering. 

Set Up Your Ads and Don’t Forget That A Good Offer Is The Secret To Getting That Hugh Return on Investment. If you have questions and you need help on setting up your ads don’t forget to comment or send me a DM

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