15 most generous scholarships in Canada

Looking for a scholarship to study in Canada?

These 15 universities are among the most generous when it comes to scholarships.

I provided info on their:
- Yearly research income
- Graduate and undergraduate programs
- Num of foreign students

Check requirements & apply. Additional info:
- Canadian universities usually do not require you to submit a separate application for entrance scholarships.
- You are considered based on info/docs submitted for admission.
- Funding requirements, amount, and availability may depend on the program applied for. 

So, if you are eligible, consider the following universities:

1) University of Toronto

Research Income: $1.3 billion
Graduate Programs: bit.ly/2Wm4UtQ
Undergraduate Programs: bit.ly/2x61KT1
Total Enrolment: 90,075
Number of international students: 19,190 

2) University of British Columbia

Research Income: $658 million
Graduate Programs: bit.ly/2Pv45O3
Undergraduate Programs: bit.ly/3bOnqBK
Total Enrolment: 64,800
Number of international students: 17,225 

3) University of Montreal

Research Income: $567 million
Graduate Programs: bit.ly/2WneoVV
Undergraduate Programs: bit.ly/2UG5fbQ
Total Enrolment: 67,390
Number of international students: 10,000 

4) McGill University

Research Income: $515 million
Graduate Programs: McGill University Graduate Programs

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Undergraduate Programs: bit.ly/2RcqdNh
Total Enrolment: 40,035
Number of international students: 12,535 


5) University of Alberta

Research Income: $513 million
Graduate Programs: bit.ly/2NjLfqC
Undergraduate Programs: bit.ly/2XkBNKj
Total Enrolment: 38,310
Number of international students: 7,865 

6) University of Calgary

Research Income: $488 million
Graduate Programs: Explore programs | Faculty of Graduate Studies

Undergraduate Programs: University of Calgary Undergraduate Degree Programs in Canada

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Total Enrolment: 33,100
Number of international students: 4,305 

7) Laval University

Research Income: $404 million
Graduate Programs:Campus Université Laval Répertoire des programmes

Undergraduate Programs: bit.ly/3dPhp9T
Total Enrolment: 42,710
Number of international students: 5,665 

8) McMaster University

Research Income: $380 million
Graduate Programs: bit.ly/3371zBq
Undergraduate Programs:McMaster University Programs - Future StudentsPrograms

Total Enrolment: 31,845
Number of international students: 3,525 

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9) University of Ottawa

Research Income: $313 million
Graduate Programs: bit.ly/2WjMutZ
Undergraduate Programs: bit.ly/3aLoohU
Total Enrolment: 42,255
Number of international students: 7,150 

10) Western University

Research Income: $239 million
Graduate Programs: bit.ly/32VsFeY
Undergraduate Programs: Western University First-Entry Undergraduate Programs

Total Enrolment: 31,170
Number of international students: 4,570 

Western university canada

11) University of Waterloo

Research Income: $224 million
Graduate Programs:Programs | Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Affairs

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Undergraduate Programs: University of Waterloo's 100+ undergraduate programs

Total Enrolment: 40,000
Number of international students: 9,000 

12) University of Manitoba

Research Income: $212 million
Graduate Programs: bit.ly/31Q7F7T
Undergraduate Programs: bit.ly/2RdEjhl
Total Enrolment: 29,620
Number of international students: 5,590 

13) Queen's University

Research Income: $176 million
Graduate Programs: bit.ly/2pcupC2
Undergraduate Programs: bit.ly/3bQpARl
Total Enrolment: 26,650
Number of international students: 3,405 

14) University of Saskatchewan

Research Income: $176 million
Graduate Programs: bit.ly/32Wrj3o
Undergraduate Programs: bit.ly/2V4OZ2O
Total Enrolment: 25,705
Number of international students: 3,405 

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15) Dalhousie University

Research Income: $168 million
Graduate Programs: Graduate Programs

Undergraduate Programs:Dalhousie Academic Programs

Total Enrolment: 19,555
Number of international students: 4,695 

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Author : Kekeocha Justin