How to prevent your competitor from stealing your clients on instagram


You see those competitors that come to ‘steal’ clients from your page or those pages that post ‘hurtful’ comments on your page, you can prevent them from doing that by using the RESTRICT option.

It’s very annoying when a customer makes an inquiry in your comment section and a competitor responds to that comment, trying to steal that client. Maybe it’s someone you know and you don’t want to offend that person by blocking him or her, you can stop all the unnecessary comments by using the restrict feature. 

When you activate the RESTRICT option, nobody except you and that person can see the comment.

A restricted account is not blocked, you can still see the person's posts on your TL and comments on your post, when you click on see restricted comment in  the comment section. The restrict option is similar to twitter’s mute button. When you restrict an instagram user’s account, it affects the direct messages between you and that person. 

When  a restricted account sends you a DM, it goes to the request section of your DM. Instagram won’t send you a notification because they feel you don’t want to hear from that person. When you read the DM, Instagram won’t tell that person that you have read the DM. 

Same applies to when you are active, Instagram won’t tell your restricted accounts that you are online.

When an account is restricted, the owner of the restricted account will not know because he or she would still be seeing your posts and making comments on your post but no other person except you and that restricted account can see the comment.

You can restrict an account from the comment section or from the profile.

To restrict from the comment section, select the comment you want to restrict and click on the options button. A couple of options will pop up, select “Restrict ( @ handle)”.

To restrict from profile, go to the person’s profile, click on the 3 vertical dots, select restrict from the pop up options. 

That is it!

Your customers will no longer see that person’s comment on your posts.

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Author : Kekeocha Justin