How to increase LinkedIn visibility

Ever heard someone say "I am not the talking type". I beg of you please don't take that attitude to LinkedIn. If you have never commented, or shared your perspective for others to appreciate or benefit from then you are shortchanging yourself.


Engaging on posts you find interesting

Engaging on posts you find interesting, boosts your chances of appearing on people’s feeds. This has several implications such as an increase in profile views, connection requests from people, and over time you will be contacted for jobs. 

Mind you commenting on people's posts does not mean you should go there and type “I am interested” on all the vacancies you see. That will only portray you as desperate which may or may not reduce your perceived value.

What I mean is for you to lend your voice on something you 

know people will find valuable. This is a great way to demonstrate expertise and knowledge. Please note that consistency is key. There is a popular handle on LinkedIn that goes by the name Ndubuisi Ekekwe if you check most of his post you will always find a certain handle called 

Francis ogbaju always commenting. Due to that whenever I see the Profs post I always look out for Francis perspective. His profile has stuck in my head. 

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Join relevant and active LinkedIn groups

Join relevant and active LinkedIn groups on your sector and interest areas. Make sure you contribute to conversations, leave comments on posts, ask questions and share your insights on other members’ posts.

Congratulate people more often 

Tell people congratulations when you are notified by LinkedIn of their job changes, promotion or work anniversary. Do you know that even wishing someone happy birthday can be a conversation starter.

Share useful information

Sometimes you might not have what to post but simply sharing useful information on job openings, interesting articles and posts for others to see can increase your visibility and help gain the attention of the curator of the content you are sharing. 

For students, Linkedin is a great place for sourcing internship placements in major companies, so do not sleep on it.

If your LinkedIn profile is not an accurate representation of your professional competence please DM me lets discuss. Like I always say "I don't reject money". Have a beautiful week ahead and ensure you stay safe. 

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Author : Kekeocha Justin