How to network with people at an event and online

Everyone keeps saying network but how many of us really know how to network with people. I will teach you as this is a vital skill for times like this.

Do you feel awkward making conversations with a complete
Do you get scared that they might not want to talk to you?
Do you feel that you might run out of what to say?

But you can toast a babe you don't know abi (don't mind me lol). Don't worry I got you covered.


1. Start with the obvious

If it's an event :

Try not to sit with people you know.
Make a point of talking to the person sitting or standing beside you.
Show genuine interest.
Give compliment.

How to initiate a conversation
Hi, my name is Hansel, what's yours? 

What do you do?
Interesting, what organisation do you work for?
Can I have your card? Here is mine (if you have)
Find common ground e.g what club do you support?
what social media platform are you most active?

If it's online

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Don't just say hi or Good morning sir and expect a response. Rather you can be like: Good morning Hansel, I notice you are an HR consultant and would want to know when you will be free to answer some questions I have about HR.

It would be an honor if you oblige me.

2. Gradually get into specifics

If its an event

You can ask questions like:

Is this your first time at this programme?

What other conference or event do you attend or plan to attend?

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I don't mind registering if its not late. Could you tell me more about this aspect of your job?

If its online

I have applied to vacancies at PWC, KPMG and Deloitte but I have never been shortlisted. I feel there is something I am not doing right. If it's not a bother, can you make out time to check my CV and advice me?

Follow up

Don't say gentle reminder about what I earlier mentioned. Rather say " I know you are quite busy, please don't forget my last message, you don't have to reply to me but I will be grateful if you do".

If its online

Be consistent in making meaningful comments on your target's post and also like it. That way your profile keeps popping on their feed.Then one day you can go. You made mention of the market forces of demand and supply can I DM you about this?

Some times when people ignore messages it is because they fear you will be a liability or burden on them and will probably waste their time. Change your approach. 

Building the right relationships can help you in your career. Never waste an opportunity to network

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Author : Kekeocha Justin

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