3 simple ways to get clients who will pay high rates as a freelancer

As a freelancer, There are many ways to earn N1M in a month.

â–ªYou can have 1 client pay you N1M for your services in a month.

â–ªYou can have 10 clients pay you N100,000 for your services in a month

â–ªYou can also have 100 clients pay you N10,000 for your services in a month

and so on.

The goal is to help you to earn as much as you can with the time you have with fewer clients.In this article, I'm going to share with you 3 simple ways you can get clients who will be willing to pay you 6 figures per month for your services.

But before I reveal those 3 things, There are 3 things you must first do before you should reach out to High Paying Clients. 

1. Position yourself as an authority in a niche.

To learn more about this, you can read The Big 5 Niches Report. Click this link to download 👇

The five big niches 

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2. Have a social blueprint.

This involves having either a Linkedin profile, about me profile or website that talks about what you do, the services you render, samples of your work, and if possible, client testimonials. The importance of these first two things is to increase your perceived value to your prospective clients.

3. Create a client outreach list.

You can do this by going on social media, Google, or LinkedIn to check for companies in your niche you'd like to work with.To filter out the companies who will likely hire you, you check for the ones who are already doing something related to the service you offer.

For example, if you are a freelance blog post writer for the health industry, you can find health businesses that publish blog posts frequently.

If you're just getting started, you should make a list of close to 500 companies (From different parts of the world)on your outreach list, document the:

â–ª Name of the company 

â–ª Name of decision-maker in the company (an be the CEO, Chief marketing officer or whoever will be in charge of hiring you)

â–ª Contact information of this person depending on how you plan on reaching out to them. 

Now, here are : 3 simple ways you can get high paying clients who will be willing to pay you 6 figures per month for your services.

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1. Email Cold Pitches

 With this, all you need to do is get an email template that works and send emails to the companies on your client outreach list.

When I first started freelancing in 2018, I sent out over 100 pitches before getting my first client who paid me N300,000 to write the content for his website.That was my first client. But it took me weeks of consistent pitching and following up to land him. 

2. Reach out on Social media

 If you share valuable content related to the service you render on your social media, this will be a piece of cake. You can just find the decision-maker for the companies you listed on your client outreach list and send them a dm on social media. 

3. LinkedIn

 LinkedIn is a fantastic place to get clients.You can optimize your profile by listing out your services and also including your work experience in your profile.

You can also share samples of your work on your LinkedIn profile.And reach out to the decision-makers on your outreach list through their LinkedIn profile asking them to connect.

I can guarantee that if you implement these strategies consistently and diligently, you will land your first high paying client in 30 days or less. If you have any questions, just leave a reply and I'll respond to as many as I can.


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Author : Kekeocha Justin

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