9 things you need to start a successful freelance career

This article is for anyone looking to transition into Freelancing. If you just lost a job, Now is the best time to explore this.

I will love to think you already know who a freelancer is, but for the sake of the voice from my audience asking 'Who is a freelancer?'. I will go on to explain that a  freelancer is a self-employed person who offers services to clients. These services are often, though not necessarily, are offered to businesses, though the proliferation of sharing economy apps like Fivver,TaskRabbit and Mechanical Turk. However, individuals can offer their services directly to clients, without third-party resources that often take a cut of the pay.

Start freelance

1. An Idea

 What service do you have to sell that that others will buy?

2. A Plan

You need to treat your freelancing as a proper business. Write down every step you're going to take and make projections of how much you want to be earning/ month for the first 3 months, 6 months, and 1 year.

3. A Pricing System

 Your freelance rates will be determined by your

â–ªindustry/ Niche,
â–ªgeographic area you're prospecting for clients,
â–ªskillset, and

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You can always source for clients who pay high fees

4. Savings

 If you're currently working a 9-5 job and want to transition completely into freelancing, It's best to have some savings that will carry you through a few months. Why? it's best not to start too desperate for money. So you don't end up taking clients who want to pay you pennies for your work.

5. A Client Outreach List

 I talked about this and how you can build one in this article.

6. A digital Footprint & Social Proof

 You can get this by simply adding whatever it is you to to your social media and LinkedIn bio. For example, if you're a copywriter, You can have "Copywriter" in your bio. You can also get your work featured in major publications in your industry.

7. Discipline

 Many people get into freelancing thinking that they won't need to work as hard as people who work regular jobs.

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That my friend is a lie. Starting a new career with this mindset is the reason why many give up before even landing their first client.You need to be disciplined knowing that with the right plan, hard work, and consistency, everything will come together. 

8. Persistence

Even I have dark days. But they're definitely not as much as they were in the beginning. Don't be discouraged if you find yourself wondering whether you've made a mistake. Take it from me, if you remain persistent, you will look back at everything and wonder why you were so scared in the beginning.

And finally... 

9. Willingness to re-access

Remember how I said to start with a plan that has your earning targets for your first months as a freelancer. At those set intervals, ask yourself if you've achieved your goals. 

It's OK if the answer is no -- the important thing is to check in with yourself occasionally and do what you need to do to reach your goals. 

That's it!

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