Six Simple ways to Start any Sales Message

sales message

✍️ 1/ Start by making a BIG promise of transformation (By far the most popular, and very often the most effective)



I’m going to show u how to use 2-hours of your time on Twitter make at least N680,000 every month

✍️ 2/ Start by telling an interesting story


Dear reader:

The story you're about to read will make you angry.. and rightly so.

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In the summer of 1941,

Adolf Hitler carried out a suspicious health experinment in a secret Nazi lab

✍️ 3/ Start by saying something that goes against the status quo or what the majority believe to be true


I wish someone had told me this 5-years ago when I lost my banking job

There’s no such thing as making money

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Here's why:

✍️ 4/ Start by saying something the majority of your target audience already agrees with (this breaks down resistance)


We're now living under the most uncertain times in the entire history of this country

And the annoying thing is

✍️5/ Start by revealing a shocking life-changing discovery


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*After 19-years of silence...

A blacklisted Wall street banker has just revealed a life-changing $6 trade secret

But the mainstream media is trying to keep it from you..

✍️6/ Start by asking an intriguing question.


Have u ever wondered what ur woman says behind ur back?

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If you answered yes...

What you're about to read will truly open your eyes to a dark secret 99% of men will never discover.

These are 31 psychological triggers to be considered when writing a sales letter.


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