How to Use “The Sweet spot and The Hell Fire Effect” to Write Sales Letters

I’ll try to keep this short.First things first;

What’s the sweet spot?

It’s simple. The Sweet spot is a strong desire or a combination of desires your customer has for something she hopes to achieve.

Maybe I’m a 32-year-old woman in search of a husband.And I’m surfing the internet when I see something like. “Are you always a Bridesmaid but Never the Bride? Here's how to attract your very own Mr Right even if you're 30 and above"

The headline alone has touched a sweet spot in our customer’s head.Then our sales letter starts by saying something like:

If you think you need to be in your 20s to get the perfect man who’ll love and treat you right. Then the story I’m about to tell you will really open your eyes to an amazing truth.

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Because believe it or not, there’s a truly simple way to attract the man of your dreams even if you’re above 30 and even if all your previous attempts at marriage have failed.

Best part? There’s no special secret involved. It’s probably something you already know. And don’t be surprised that you may have even thought about it RECENTLY and brushed it off as silly or too good to be true.

We are building desire for our dating course by making her believe that finally, maybe this time, she’ll get her dream husband with the information we'll share with her.

Now, let’s Do The Twist and talk about.

🔥 The Hell-fire effect! 🔥

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People are more inclined to act when you use fear and pain as a motivator. That is, when you make them picture the consequences of not acting now or the misery of their current situation.



Remember now more than ever. You have a real reason to do something about your weak erection and premature ejaculations. If you do nothing now, It only gets worse. And You may lose your ability to impregnate a woman forever!

Think about all the women who left because you couldn’t satisfy them in bed. Think about what they could have said to their friends behind your back. Think about all the women you’ve avoided because you were scared you’d screw things up in bed. Think about the disappointment you could avoid in your future relationships.

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How do you want to be remembered by the woman you date? The 2-minute man? The guy who doesn't do well in bed?

Of course, we're playing here, This is off the top of my head. When the stakes are high and there's money on the table. We could do a better job.

But you get the point right? We deliberately caressing his emotions. Magnifying his fears and making him see ---in high definition---The misery that awaits him if he doesn't act now!

(That is, If he fails to do something about his existing problem.)

In the words of legendary Copywriter John Carlton. We are lighting fire under his ass! ✍️

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Please spend some time going over this post as many times as possible until it becomes part and parcel of your thought process.

NOTE: The major lesson here is very clear isn't it? Copywriting is a game of emotions --- you’re not in the writing business, you’re in the business of caressing emotions and channeling desire