Schools in Canada that allow International Students Apply free of charge

Here are some Schools in Canada that allow International Students Apply free of charge without paying application fees. 

1. Royal Roads University, Victoria – British Columbia

One of the few schools in Canada that allow international students apply without application fees.

Check list of programs here:Royal Roads University Programs School link on how to Apply: Royal Roads University Admissions 

2. Cambrian College, Sudbury – Ontario

Another college that seeks to assist international students a little by waiving application fees.

Check list of programs here: Cambrian college programs School link on how to Apply: Cambrian college applications

3. Quest University, Squamish – British Columbia

This is a not-for-profit, secular liberal arts and sciences university.

Course Catalog here: Quest university course catalog. School link on how to Apply: Quest university admissions

4. Fairleigh Dickinson University, Vancouver - British Columbia

This is a private, coeducational and non-sectarian university located in both US and Canada.

School link on how to Apply: Fairleigh Dickinson University, Vancouver

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5. Booth University College

Although a private university, you can choose its different programs and apply at no cost. It is free to fill out the application online, and you can find all the details here Booth University College

Some schools also waive application fees if an alumnus of such schools refer you when applying. Some of the schools are:

Fleming College, Peterborough - Ontario
Centennial College, Toronto - Ontario
Conestoga College, Kitchener - Ontario
Mohawk College, Hamilton, Ontario 

It is advisable to thoroughly read requirements, eligibility and have a check list of all documents required when applying. That way, you can maximize the opportunity at one go and reduce risk of not being admitted.

Important to note that with Royal Roads you will NOT pay app fee only if you apply through ‘Study Group.’ If admitted, you must deposit a part of the tuition before offer letter is then issued.

With Booth, you’d be asked to pay a fee once you’ve been considered admission. 

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Author : Kekeocha Justin