10 steps to making money online

so how then does one make money online? Avoiding these mistakes : ð—§ð—µð—² 𝗲𝗮𝘀𝗶𝗲𝘀𝘁 𝘄𝗮𝘆 𝘁𝗼 𝗻𝗲𝘃𝗲𝗿 𝗺𝗮𝗸𝗲 𝗺𝗼𝗻𝗲𝘆 𝗼𝗻𝗹𝗶𝗻𝗲. and implementing the steps below.

Make money online


The first and most critical step you must take is to actually decide to start making money online. You must convince yourself and totally believe that it is not only possible, but that you have the capacity and capabilities to achieve online success. Once your mind has accepted the phenomenon of making LOTS OF MONEY online… then half of the work is done.

The next decision you must consciously make is one to exercise complete and utter patience. You must prepare yourself to never give up, to persist and continue to push without the view of any initial reward. Stealing the words of Kanu nwankwo 'You must be determined to never give up!'


After you have made the decision to make money online, after you have accepted the possibilities with a determination to never give up on whatever progress you make.

The next step is to search to decide what business or what sector of the online space you would like to focus on. It’s time to Google and not just Google for 10 seconds. But spend hours surfing the net, watching YouTube videos, seeking out useful FREE webinars. 

It is time to go to popular GENIUS profiles like @ronaldnzimora @akinalabi to seek relevant knowledge about the opportunities out there in the online space. It is time to make a list, identify and write down all the opportunities possible and then finally.

Do a SWOT analysis

You don’t know what that is?Google it.

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Find out what will best suit you, find out which of the opportunities out there will you benefit best from depending on your current interests and abilities. 

All that said and done, then CHOOSE ONE. ONLY ONE. At least for a start. After the choice is made, then you need to do even more research on the subject matter. You need to go and look for all the FREE content you can find out there check out EBooks, Blogs, Articles, YouTube Videos, Tweets and so on and so forth.

Gather every information you can find out about the field you have chosen there and be well equipped with knowledge. But no, that is still not enough, you will then need to skill up or at the very least polish the information you already have with EXPERIENCE.


Now it’s time to find someone who has sufficient experience in the field you have chosen. it is time to find a mentor or a teacher or a coach someone who can guide you through a process where you can avoid initial mistakes.

If he or she has a training pay for it. if he or she has a course, pay for it. But whatever you do make sure the person actually has knowledge and has achieved most of what he says. Otherwise, you may discover that all you know will be equivalent to what you will learn. But as many lessons as you can learn but stop learning at some point. MAKE A MOVE.


Make a move! Make a move! Make a move! Just do it you have to. You will never get to the mall if you do not leave your house!

This is where most people get stuck, the point where fear, procrastination and being laid back sets in. You have gathered all that you need, and now you are finally fully ready all that is left is to take the first step, to leap.

But you keep promoting, lying in the comfort of self deceit that may lead to self DEFEAT. This is where most people get stuck, the point where fear, procrastination and being laid back sets in. No, never let this be you

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The best part of online marketing and business is that when you fail. you obtain the massive opportunity to LEARN. It is easy to figure out exactly what went wrong and then make sufficient reasonable adjustments.

Even if it may seem like you may have lost a lot of money that is a farce, you have not in fact you are perfectly fine.


Because when you eventually get a break, when you eventually start making money you will hardly be able to regress or be stopped. You would have understood the mechanisms and developed the strong ability and intellect to improve on whatever system you have in place and make bigger breakthroughs…

Essentially the amount of profits you will make will greatly outweigh the amount of losses in the end. Trust me, I know. So MAKE A MOVE. DO IT.


Here is where a tonnes of people fail. Your ability to continue to put in the same or more effort however difficult or impossible things get.

Your ads may not wok. Your content marketing or value demonstration may greatly fail. But all in all .No matter what, you must try again and again. Putting in the same effort, with a high level of CONSISTENCY!


I have added this step simply because it is critical. It is a common occurrence in the journey of every single online business enthusiast. Your content may fail. Your advert conversions may be terrible. Your strategy may disappoint you. Your funnel may crumble. Your clients may cheat you. All in all you will or may fail. But that’s ok, Because you will definitely rise! 

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Here is what you need to do: Check all the elements of your move, Check your systems, Check your adverts, your contents and then determine what exactly went wrong or caused the FAILURE... 

If you are still lost, then ask questions ask the right questions! Look for someone who has relevant expertise in the part of the system that failed… and then consult with him or her and if it's the entire system that failed, Change it! 

Create a new one and use the errors in the previous one to make this new one STRONGER and BETTER.

After all this MAKE ANOTHER MOVE. And even if you fail again, Repeat the steps until you finally SUCCEED and make a lot of profit! 

But that is highly unlikely. You should not have to fail more than once especially if you have followed my previous 5 steps. If you had ‘Modeled What Worked’ for someone else using the knowledge you gained from their own experiences. Then you shouldn’t fail twice and even if you do. TRY AGAIN!


You would soon realise that many of us internet marketers and sales persons including yourself find it extremely difficult to carry out this step. I made this critical mistake in my first business. I didn’t keep records. I was simply buying and selling and making a lot of money daily.

But here was what I didn’t realise. Because my business finances were the same as my personal finances(a mistake you must never ever make… ). I would spend money out of it on unnecessary pleasures without remorse, and then still make money back. So it was cool.

But then here was the down side, I requested a statement from my bank account and that was when I actually discovered my FOOLISHNESS. It was a huge gap in inflows and outflows with no balance in the quantity of stock essentially, I had blown away a whole lot of money without realising it.

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And I couldn't just place or identify where all that money had gone too. it was a lot of money, a whole lot. so much that. I began to wonder how much growth I would have made if I had kept my books and reinvested those large sums.

Dear friend,

When you start making money, never assume that the money belongs to you. No! It is not yours! it belongs to your business. So you have no right to spend ‘its’ money for your personal gains. The data you keep will be extremely useful for optimisation and scaling up believe me.The difference between those that make money and those that actually have money is FINANCIAL WISDOM.

So fam, Keep Freaking Books, And Don’t Steal From Your Business! 



No man is ever an Island. No one can stand on his or her own! This is super true for the online business world. You will need to find a community of friends who are doing relatively the same thing you are doing. You need to find people who will motivate you, advise you, explain to you, rejoice with you people who can escort you all the way in your progress.

And not just that, a community you can actually depend on. This will help put you back on track whenever you fail and feel like giving up… their experiences and progress will challenge you to always do more and persist in moving forward.

Get yourself a colleague partners in progress.

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After making significant constant and growing profits then. It may be time to scale up to put in more money. It may be time to increase your advertising expenses. To employ a few people, to expand on your reach, Increase your stock.

But you must do all these one step at a time periodically. You must not rush to jump before you leap! Do your calculations and test all the way make sure your business can actually afford the scale. Otherwise… DON’T DO IT! 

My advice: increase your advertising budget first. If the number of orders increases, that is the number of people who need what you are offering increases. Then and only then should you increase your stock.

You don’t need to have that fear that says “Oh but I will not be able to meet up with orders that way… “. Forget about that, you need to see first that more people want to pay for whatever you are offering before you increase the quantity of your stock. 

You have to be able to afford and actually need a staff before you employ the staff. Don’t tie your funds down in unnecessary overheads. Make calculated and well thought through moves!

Most importantly, Don’t become comfortable with your current position you have to scale up at some point. Otherwise, someone else will come from behind and beat you at your current game.


The entire world is gradually shifting to personalised brands and personalised experiences. Consumer behaviour online is gradually beginning to shift to purchasing from strong and accountable brands.

So it is important that as you build your business as you grow that you keep branding strongly in your mind and task yourself with evolving into a strong one. This will help scale your business and increase the possibilities of referrals which can definitely not only make you money. But save you time and advert expense.

And that’s all. But here is a final tip: Repeat This Entire Process For Another Business. DEVELOP A SECOND INCOME STREAM! Make money… and be happy.

I hope this ended up being useful to you 🐒 


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