5 step formula to come up with high converting offers

The 5 step formula to come up with high converting offers quickly. For copywriters and everybody else

BIG Idea

If you get this wrong it can affect your whole copy. People don't want to see/read yet another sales pitch, people are tired of clichés. People are interested in NEW and BIG ideas, so position your copy exactly that way. 

Intriguing Lead

Now I'm sure you get this already. It's a lead magnet, but one your target reader cannot pass buy. Ebooks don't work for this. You should use something that is of value, like a free mini course or a hard cover book. 

One core emotion

There are different emotions you could try to use in your copy, but the idea here is to stick with one. And use it through out, subtly but effectively.

Fear, curiosity, anger..... it's your choice. 

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False close.

This comes near the end of your letter. False close are used when your reader is already sold on your idea and they're expecting the sale. And you do something different, yet another benefit or bonus your reader was not expecting. 

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An irresistible offer

An offer that is too good to pass by.


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Author : Kekeocha Justin