How to get deep pocket clients as a Graphic Designer

But before I start, this is for graphic designers that have proof of concept, not for those just starting out. You must have done some work here and there and looking for a way to be premium with your services. This not exclusive to graphic designers any professional can learn a thing or two.

Let's go.

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The whole idea behind this strategy is called positioning, you want to position yourself as an expert and not just another graphics designer. 

Disclaimer: This takes work and time, it's not a button you push and boom you're there, please no. Be ready to dedicate 2+ months doing this to start seeing results 

So what you want to do is leverage these two platforms: LinkedIn & Twitter

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You want to look for big brands and companies ( not big brands like Dangote and Apple ooo ) but companies that have traction and is well known.  And redesign their logo or their tagline, yes! Redesign it, let it be really good, you want to put your best foot forward.

Next, you post the designs on your timeline on LinkedIn and Twitter and tag the business/company.  After posting it on your timeline, you then message the business and say something very simple and short, that you love what they do (lead with a compliment), you're a graphic designer and you did some little touches to their logo or whatever and you'll appreciate it if they take a look. Simple, you're not selling anything. 

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They most likely will look at it, some won't reply that's no problem, some will just say good job that's fine too, you're not looking to get paid here.

You do this for 3/4 brands each week based on your work ethics. People will start liking and sharing. Again you're not looking to make any substantial money here, just do this for straight 2-3 months.

Trust me, people and other brands will start reaching out to you, based on the amazing designs on your timeline.That's the idea, you don't want to go to them, you want them coming to you.After they start pouring in, here's where positioning starts. 

You don't, I repeat you don't want to give the impression that you're an independent designer (except you want to work for the company as an in-house designer)

What you want to do is POSITION yourself as a owner of a design agency! So when they reach out and want you to do a design for them, you don't just want to rush and open illustrator and start doing, NO!

You want to come professional, go to and create a client form, where you ask specific questions. The goal here is to make them see you as not just any designer, you want to ask questions like : why do they want the design, what story they're trying to pass with the design, what their brand identify is, all those things and tell them to get back once they're done filling it 

Because the truth is you don't want to lead with a price, you want to lead with value. And after they've filled it, wait till they confirm to you that they've filled it, don't go doing anything until they confirm they've filled it even when you already see that they have. 

Now after that, you tell them you and your team will do am evaluation and you'll get back to them (yes, even if you don't have a team) tell them that, it's not lying 😂. It's business and if you even think about it, you actually have a team 😂. 

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Now after doing that, wait for another 3-4 days before getting back them, tell them you and the team has gone through everything and you've all come up with an approach for the brand (in selling it's called framing) ams there you already have the superior frame. 

Now you don't want them to ask what the price is first, even if they've asked before now just tell them after your team does the evaluation before a price is concluded. 

After the last step you tell them the price is X.

Don't be afraid to call a price, based on what you KNOW the brand can actually pay. Because you don't want to say 1 million naira for a design you do for 5k before 😂 nobody will even give you face.  But if you say something like 55,000 for a design you used to charge 5k for and you know the business can give that, no problem.

Now even if they can give that, they'll still ask for reduction or a discount, don't give that and don't reduce it. What you want to do now is stack up your value, you want to tell them all the things they're paying for. Like your team, your design tools, your time, the evaluation, the design concept, mapping out of the idea and all that. 

Now most likely they're going agree, but if they still insist they can't. NO PROBLEM! Don't try to reduce your framing and give them that discount.

If you've read to this point, wow you tried. We're almost done 

What you've done is you've planted something in their heads that you're a BUSINESS PERSON and not just a designer (they had the chance to go anywhere but they came to you, why? Based on what I told you earlier). And if you've done what I said earlier well, you'll have multiple brands and businesses approach you, so if one says NO! Two others will give you a YES. 

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That's the idea, again this will not happen over night, it will take you time and diligence to what I said earlier for like 2-3 months and you'll see results.

Thank you for the session.


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Author : Kekeocha Justin